Sunday, October 31, 2010

A quick "hello"

This girl is exhausted! Mom wanted to go shopping this morning, so shopping, I went! Got a few fantastic deals which I will share later :) 
Just wanted to pop in and say hello! Photo shoot yesterday was quite a success; I enjoyed every minute of it! The girls were great! Can't wait to show you some!
Duke is snuggled up against my arm and I have a horrible math paper to write! So much for posting this weekend!

Tomorrow will be the 720th day J & I have been dating = 2 YEARS! 
We did it honey! 

"Two weeks together, that's all it took for me to fall in love with you."
So so very true. 
He has been stringing me along and along with the gift he got for me. He's like a kid at Christmas when it comes to gifts. He can't wait to tell me what he got for me! So tonight, he came over for dinner with my family. This whole past week he kept telling me that my gift was "cold". I picked at him asking him if it was a lifetime supply of ice cream. No, no chance. 
So finally, tonight when he got here he instantly started pulling items out of a bag. 

He pulled the first one out saying, "this is the coldest" handing me a fluffy fleece vest that I mentioned months ago that I wanted. 
Good boyfriend. 
Next, he pulls out the next item. "This is kind of hot" handing me the new Taylor Swift CD. He knows me all too well. 
Nice boyfriend.  
Finally, he pulls out the last item. "This is very warm" handing me a gorg pair of white fleece|leather gloves. 
I love the gloves honey, but um? It's barely cold here. What are these for?
He realizes the puzzle on my face and says "I know you're wondering what these are for, but part of my gift is in February. In. The. Mountains!"

And this is only day one of my string along of surprises! Since he works tomorrow on our big day, we're having our date on Tuesday night.

For now loves. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Post of Randoms

In the "Photography world" my last two months were very monumental to me.
I was honored in the September issue of Hilton Head Monthly with a picture published! 
Yes, that flower arrangement on the bottom was taken by yours truly!
After being completely giddy for a month, I found out that I was also having not just one, but three photos published in the October edition.

I just want to make a special "thank you" to Marianna. She knows all too well how special this is to me! I never set out a goal of a publication, but I'm so grateful for it. 

Now in other news, I'm finding myself to do less editing, and more pulling over on the side of the road for photo ops? Strange how I go from one thing to the next. Check out the neat trees I found going to visit the boyf at work.

Aren't these cool?!
The little friend I found outside my Grandma's front door.

Now, I know J is a continuous topic, but this morning, when I logged onto FB, I saw this little heart on the right side of my page. I was like greatttttt, who's broken up|back together now.
And to my surprise, it was an "event" reminder of our two year anniversary! Cheers to us! I can remember when we started dating. It took place after a drunken upset phone call on Halloween night. Granted this was 2months after we started dating the first time, but the first month we ever dated, was so high school. So back to the phone call, I called him crying hysterically over nothing and he told me exactly "you know why I broke up with you?! Because I was falling for you." Well me being the stubborn girl that I am, told him he was full of it and if he meant it, he would be back at the barn (where the party was held) and he would help me clean up bright and early the next morning. He showed up and swept me off my feet and started a whole new relationship. Our love is anything less than ordinary and I love being able to celebrate this time we've shared. Ahhh feel the mushy-ness!

Just thought I'd share this random, heart-felt post!
That is all for today!

The apple of my eye

So, the apple project is said and done! I went with the Robin Hood-esque theme and hope you like the turnout! Everyone did such a great job, this photo class is way too much fun!

Andrea was such a champ! We fought with mosquitos the whole time!

I love her eyes in this!
She's so darn expressive! Thought this was too funny!

So last week was aperture. Like making backgrounds blurry and such. Next week we will be showcasing one of my most favorite settings,
I like it because you can do so many interesting things with it. Immediately after class, I was inspired, like I was itching to leave because I wanted to try it out so badly because it was fresh in my mind. Well, I didn't want to go leaning off of overpasses by myself, so I waited for tonight so I could drag Justin along with me. Surely enough, I got the shot(s) I wanted! So so so obsessed with these! 

Yes, totally obsessed. Like I want to take a really really good one and put it on canvas lol. But I don't know how well that would go in my room but I just know I want one. 
Until next time,

Oh! And ps. Doing another SRM Make Up shoot this weekend! So sneak peeks are coming your way! I can't wait! Got lots of pretty girls, fun props, and a great make up artist! It's going to be a great shoot!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Holly Homemaker

Well today, was a lazy-nothing-to-do kind of day. So, I got a little inspired and decided to make Justin a cake. From. Scratch. For. The. FIRST. Time.
Check this out:
1st try with the food coloring, orange.
2nd try with food coloring, um puke?
3rd try, pink-for breast cancer awareness, right?
Final product, my messy pink-velvet cake.
Hope you like it Justin!
Since this is a "photography" blog, look at what I got into today! P.s.- no editing! woohoo!

Isn't he cute :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

photography project

So I finally decided to take a photography class for various reasons (like I really need to add another thing to my day book!). Turns out, so far, it's really interesting and I think I'll learn a ton from it. Each week, we have these little "contests" if you will. This week our subject is (drumroll please,)

Easy, right?
I've come up with 2 completely different concepts to go about this. The first is a very modern take on the Robin Hood scene where one shoots an apple on top of someone's head. I want to doll Andrea up (of course) and sit that pretty red apple on top of her head and get dad to shoot arrows at her! Haha, not really, but I will sit an apple on top of her head after I've stuck an arrow through it. Interesting, right? 

Kind of like so,
More focus on apple and heavy make up & hair.
Plus, Andrea is much prettier.

The first one will be a whole apple, the second will have one bite taken out of it, and the third will just be the core. Very simple, but I think it has to be focused on just one apple? So it makes this idea a little trickier believe it or not.

Input, insight, ideas?
That is all for now. Seems like I've gone a little blog cRaZy!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All Things Pumpkin!

I'm not one that absolutely loves pumpkin, never really tried the stuff! Until, Ashley and I went to Starbucks before a wedding on Isle of Palms and they were handing out samples of their infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte. Unexpectedly, I fell in love with it! I keep finding myself craving all things pumpkin lately. What has come over me?! I figured with my new love for pumpkin flavored delicacies, I'd look a little further into this! 

Just got some of this tonight! I'm waiting until tomorrow to give it a try. Not sure how it will go, but mom said it's delish!

I am a sucker for a cute cardigan! And this is the perfect fun shade of pumpkin!

Since I'm in this fun loving Halloween-esque state of mind, want to know what J & I are dressing up as?

I can't wait!

Who would have thought Justin is OBSESSED with Grease! 

A little about me.

My two loves. The bottom one got stolen :( But I do love my Nikon.

My sister and I. She is always there for me and I can always count on her! She's also my little model, bless her heart.

The trio. 
Callie & Aundie are my best wady friends. They've been there for me for the best pre-gaming, Cosmo-reading, man-hating, times of my life. 

Speaking of man hating, this man right here has been an amazing friend and an amazing boyfriend. He's been there through thick and thin. I love him with all of my heart and he means the world to me. 

Daisy Mae is  the best puppy in this world! She's the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. She has my heart. I know that if I ever need a good cuddle or if I need to have a good cry, she's there. 

Hope you enjoy a little piece of my life besides my photographs. My life revolves around school. I enjoy sweets, tattoos, reality television, wedding magazines, the smell of fresh cut grass or the marsh, and I love shooting guns. I'm obsessed with David Yurman jewelry and I spend too much time on Facebook. Almost every song I hear can take me back to a memory, a smell, or a feeling. I hope you can get a good feeling of who I am! Now you know the girl behind the camera :) 

Monday, October 18, 2010

andy + ashlie

My absolute favorite of Andrea!

These are two wonderful girls I know and love dearly! They both are amazing softball players that turned into some of the best friends. Hope you enjoy their fun photoshoot!