Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Post of Randoms

In the "Photography world" my last two months were very monumental to me.
I was honored in the September issue of Hilton Head Monthly with a picture published! 
Yes, that flower arrangement on the bottom was taken by yours truly!
After being completely giddy for a month, I found out that I was also having not just one, but three photos published in the October edition.

I just want to make a special "thank you" to Marianna. She knows all too well how special this is to me! I never set out a goal of a publication, but I'm so grateful for it. 

Now in other news, I'm finding myself to do less editing, and more pulling over on the side of the road for photo ops? Strange how I go from one thing to the next. Check out the neat trees I found going to visit the boyf at work.

Aren't these cool?!
The little friend I found outside my Grandma's front door.

Now, I know J is a continuous topic, but this morning, when I logged onto FB, I saw this little heart on the right side of my page. I was like greatttttt, who's broken up|back together now.
And to my surprise, it was an "event" reminder of our two year anniversary! Cheers to us! I can remember when we started dating. It took place after a drunken upset phone call on Halloween night. Granted this was 2months after we started dating the first time, but the first month we ever dated, was so high school. So back to the phone call, I called him crying hysterically over nothing and he told me exactly "you know why I broke up with you?! Because I was falling for you." Well me being the stubborn girl that I am, told him he was full of it and if he meant it, he would be back at the barn (where the party was held) and he would help me clean up bright and early the next morning. He showed up and swept me off my feet and started a whole new relationship. Our love is anything less than ordinary and I love being able to celebrate this time we've shared. Ahhh feel the mushy-ness!

Just thought I'd share this random, heart-felt post!
That is all for today!


  1. Aww, love.. it's just so cute!

    And I am going to take a guess to where the first picture is.. on Hwy 17, near Huspah River (By Gardens Corner?) If it is, then you took a picture of one of my fav places to take pictures when the sun is going down!


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