Handsome & I

Handsome, also goes by the name of Justin, J, honey buns, darlin', lover boy, and I have been together for over 2 years. We've endured a few honest-but-necessary break ups, many wonderful times filled with laughter, and so much more. Our relationship is beautiful, I believe. He means the absolute world to me. It's incredible to see where we started and to see where we are now. Completely comfortable and still in love, and each day is a new surprise. 

Our first picture together! I was so excited! 2008
The story goes like this...
Our first "big date" to the Aquarium
The first time I laid eyes on Justin Collins Lane was the day after my 18th birthday. I had a huge party at my house the night of and everyone stayed, so naturally, we all loaded up in a truck and went to the local "mudrun". I was hungover sitting in a chair with a grey tanktop, new tattoo, a pair of sunglasses, cut off shorts and boots, and there he was, muscles and all. My friend had just finished talking to him and I asked her who he was? He was too handsome for words. She replied, "Justin, you know so-and-so's cousin." I felt something happen and I just knew one day we'd run into each other again.
Coincidentally, the next week, I ran into his little sister at a football game at school.
"You're pretty, you should date my brother," she said to me. I knew I'd definitely like to give it a shot. So he and I Myspace messaged each other (we still laugh about this to this day) and we set up a date the very night we started talking to each other.
I never knew that it would turn out to be the most memorable first date I've ever been on. 
He picked me up at the school parking lot in his lifted Ford Ranger truck with lights and a whip-intenna. Whew, I knew I was about to get myself into some trouble. He got out of the truck, wearing a blue Dumas and Sons Polo, Carhart jeans, a black pair of duty boots, and that blue HCFR hat. Boy, was he cute. 
As we were on our way to the Hilton Head Christian/Colleton Prep football game, I remember listening to his pager and radio go back and fourth and he showed me the lights in his truck and we began to get to know each other.
He was so easy to talk to...I knew we were going to have a good time. As we made our trip to Hilton Head, we stopped at the Exxon gas station in front of Target. His truck battery died. Justin went into the gas station, brought me out a diet coke without asking me if I wanted anything. Brownie points, despite the situation. He then made me walk to Target to buy some battery charger. As we were waiting for the battery to charge, I was sitting in his driver seat where he walked up to me, grabbed my face, and kissed me. I'm not one to kiss on the first date, but we had a moment. 
After having some man drive him back to Target to buy jumper cables, we finally carried on to the football game.  Once we got to the game, we went our separate ways. I went to the Hilton Head Christian side, he went to the Colleton Prep side (his alma matter). I was sitting with my friend, when I received a text saying, "There is this pretty girl sitting on the other side. She's wearing a black tank top and has a tattoo on her shoulder. She's beautiful." 
I knew then, there was no going back. After the game, our date lead to dinner at Wild Wings and a trip to Walmart. At Walmart, Justin showed his love for guns, bb guns that is. He bought one and swore to me that every time he buys a bb gun, he has to shoot whoever he is with. Before I had time to object, Justin shot me in the knee cap! How on Earth he ever survived to a second date, I'll never know. After our trip to Walmart, he dropped me back off at the school parking lot, where we talked for another hour or so. 
To say the least, there was a second date. We watched Ladder 49, the movie that I watched over and over again with and without him. It made me fall...

And so our journey continues on...
Senior Prom 2009

Freshmen Year! Apartment Life 2009

One fun night, PJ Party, 2009
Downtown Savannah, Limo Ride for Jen!, 2009
Cinco De Mayo, 2010
Spring Break, Hunting Island 2010 
Trip to the Jacksonville Zoo, 2010
Target shooting, Fall 2010
Still in love, waiting for pizza :) New Year, 2011
Here's our years in photos! And throughout all of this time, we've gained a little member to our "family". DAISY MAE!
The day we got her! Aug. 2009
My sweet puppy, 2009
So sweet! 2009
Spring Break, 2010
All grown up! 2010

Our lives and our relationship has changed so much since the beginning. I never thought I could love him more now than the day I met him, but I've proved myself wrong. 

Forever & Always. 


  1. Ummmmmm hello cutest thing in the world! I love the text that he sent you!! Really, I know we've already said this, but our lives are nearly identical!! Your man is my man. Ha! Love you!

  2. Awwwwwww, girl you are SO lucky! I am just so happy for you! You deserve the best, and he better damn sure give you the BEST! You two just have that 'it' thing, you guys understand each other, and you both are madly in love...
    All I can say is.. I can't WAIT for the wedding!

    Hehehe, I love you Amy Daring! ♥
    Did I mention, Daisy is too sweet!


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