Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hi dolls! 
I've been extremely busy editing pictures trying to get them ready for everybody before it's too late for them to send Christmas cards! On top of that, I'm trying to prepare for finals and I'm starting a new job on Thursday. It's never ending! But I'm thankful for work that's for sure! 
But I just couldn't resist stopping by and thanking all of you for being so wonderful! My number of followers surprises me every time I get on here! I remember having this blog for a few months with only 3 followers and now, I'm up to 40+! You are all amazing! A BIG thank you to the ones that leave me wonderful motivating comments! I will get back to you all so very soon! 


So as a little treat, I'm going to give you the gift of some pictures of my darling little (well, not so little now) sister. Every time I take pictures of her, I tear up because she's just so beautiful these days! 
So without further a do: I present to you ANDREA! 
Pictures from the SRM Makeup Fall Shoot!


I hope you like :) 
I'll share some from each girl this week! Now you all have something to look forward to seeing!


Monday, November 29, 2010

Ode to Monday

So ecstatic that you are coming to an end. You were quite a disappointment today. First I go to class to find out that exams are next week. Now, I knew in the back of my mind that exams were to take place next week, but I never wanted to believe it. So, Monday, you made me face it. Shame on you.  Next, you threw all of these yucky projects in my face. Shame on you, twice! Then you gave me the realization that this is going to be a long and painful week that needs to hurry on up! You have given me a week of having my day planner glued to my hip full of deadlines and project due dates. I must say, I am seriously looking forward to our departure once these two weeks are over.
With all my love (and sarcasm, clearly),

In other notes, 

Since I am so extremely busy with all of these things, tonight's post will be short and sweet. 
You see that little pup up there, well that's the sweet my loves! 
Isn't she though?! I used that picture of Daisy last year for my Christmas cards. Ooooh she sure did make a few hearts melt. 

Hope your Monday was much better than mine! 
More soon, I pinky promise :) 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Check this out!

Excuse me while I interrupt your "quiet" Sunday afternoon to announce:

I now have a BUTTON!

Yes! Finally! All thanks to a dear friend named Lindsay at Scenic Glory! She is beyond amazing! 

So, now that I can finally share this with all of you wonderful viewers, please feel more than welcome to add my lovely little piece of sunshine to your blog and I'll gladly return the favor :D


I hope everyone is having a splendid day! Today I'm having a good ole' home cooked Thanksgiving dinner with my family and the boyfriends, well Andrea's boyfriend, Mercer. Justin is working today :( but he's here in spirit and we'll eat his helping of pumpkin pie!

Want to see some of what I've done over the weekend?

Crabs on Wednesday, sort of the weekend, right?

Shoot at Old Sheldon Church Ruins on Saturday
Back to the grind tomorrow, oh goodness! 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Four Things for Friday

Hi darlings! A tradition my family likes to carry on each year is that the Christmas tree and decor goes up the day after Thanksgiving. This year, we're waiting until tomorrow to put up the tree, but I had to go ahead and put up my precious little village up today! Sorry for the horrible webcam quality, but here it is none the less.

Ohhh yeah! You know you love it! 

I had the honor of being tagged in the Four Things post from my dear friends Kai at All Kinds of Complicated and Brooke at Best Wishes. These ladies are the best! Thanks so much for the love :)
Now it's my turn! 

The rules: Answer the following questions, give some blog lovin' to the ones that tagged you, and then tag four other blogs!

Four Shows I Watch: Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Fashion Police, Sex and the City, Say Yes to the Dress

Four Things I'm Passionate About: Event planning, photography, animals, my relationship

Four Phrases I Say A Lot: "Really?", "Oh my goodness", "Oh shont!", "You rock my face off!"

Four Things I've Learned from the Past: 

1. Everything happens for a reason and no matter what you did or do won't really change the outcome that much.
2. Follow your heart & always take chances.
3. Don't take other people's opinions too seriously, they don't know every detail about you or your situation and can't always make the best judgements from viewing what is going on from the outside.
4. Always choose kindness over mean words. You'll always be the better and bigger person that way. 

Four Places I Would Like to Go: New York City during Christmas, Paris, Maine, and Italy.

Four Things I Did Yesterday: Thanksgiving dinner, missed my boy, went to the movies, and spent lots of time editing pictures!

Four Things I'm Looking Forward to: The holidays, printing some photos, going to the Nutcracker tomorrow, and date night this week :)

Four Things I Love About Winter: Holiday coffee, Christmas music by Ella Fitzgerald, me and the boy's traditional trip to James Island, and the new year.

Four Things on My Wish List: A watch by Michael Kors, some new boots, camera accessories, and some perfume. 

Now to tag my 4 blog friends, oh this is so hard since I just tagged some last night! 
1. Natalie @ A Little Blue Notebook
2. Jessica @ Memoirs of a Melodramatic
3. Ahn @ Living With Mr. Johnson
4. Sam @ Young People in Love!

Get to blogging ladies :) Can't wait to hear your four things!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Playing "Catch Up"

Hi loves! How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Mine was fun! I got to see some of my wonderful family and went to the movies this afternoon with my little sister. I indulged in the following: 

Delicious Mimosas! 
 And this afternoon,

It was such a fabulous movie that I suggest to all! Christina Aguilera was truly amazing! I underestimated her acting skills by far! She played the part so well and Lord knows that woman can sing! So please, enjoy the stills that I Googled. I couldn't help but share so you all could swoon....

Kristen Bell
Julianne Hough

Stanley Tucci & Cher
Behold...2011 Sexiest Man Award goes to....Cam Gigandet

I definitely suggest this movie to all! It's not too show-tuney and it has a great story line! That's all I'll tell because I'd hate to ruin the movie for anyone! 
My dear friend Kristen at Just When You Thought featured me in one of her posts! Make sure you go visit her and tell her "Happy Birthday" today too! She has a great blog! 
Thanks Kristen! Cheers to you love! 
Now, I must do this thingy! 
Here are the rules: Thank the person who gave you the award, tell 7 facts about yourself, give the award to 7 bloggers you just love, & leave the 7 bloggers a comment telling them they won!
Fun Facts!
1. I'm participating in Black Friday for the first time this year ever! Hello early morning and crazed shoppers!
2. I had braces for 8 years of my life. Thank you Mom and Dad for making me a human lightening rod but with a fantastic smile as a result!
3. I used to be obsessed with alligators when I was younger. Like once for vacation, my family took my sister and I down to the Alligator Farm in Florida. Weird obsession. Thankfully, I kind of got over that.
4. Last Christmas I started a Christmas village at my apartment. You know, those little light up houses that you place on fake snow? Yup, I'm putting that baby up on the mantle tomorrow!
5. I went to school with pretty much the same people since I was in K4 and 30 of us all graduated together in 2009. Growing up with those people was probably one of the best experiences of my life.
6. I do not allow "text" talk. Probably the only acronym I use is the term "lol" to show when I'm making a joke. If Justin sends me a text something like this "Wat u up 2" he knows the consequences. 
7. My guilty pleasure is the McDonald's Hot Fudge Sundae. It's $1.10 and they sell it 24 hours of the day. I mean seriously, how can you get any better than soft serve vanilla ice cream with hot fudge. Hold the nuts please. Mmmm. It's too easy!

Oh! Almost forgot to tag the 7 favorite blogs!
1. Brooke @ Bright Wishes
2. Lindsay @ Scenic Glory
3. Diana @ exPress-o
5. Adrienne @ A Whole Lot of Love
7. Vicki @ Simply Hue

Okay friends, that's enough out of me for now! This girl is going to gear up for Black Friday! Eek! Wish me luck! 
Who's participating in Black Friday with me?!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Hi friends! I've missed y'all! Sorry I've been MIA for a little while. I've been super busy! I'm going to give you a brief update in a photo montage :) Hope you enjoy!

Above, The Filthy 5K Challenge!
Everyone ran a course of obstacles. Pictured first, Alligator Alley and last, The Finale: The Pit!

A very outdoorsy event. Love the colors...

 A walk with my Grandmother and my Aunt through the Savannah Wildlife Refuge.

And an incredible drive though the country with my love. Oh how I swoon over cotton fields. 

How gorgeous is fall?! I'm absolutely in love with this fall season much more than I have ever been! 

What am I thankful for today? FAMILY! Which is currently having a lowcountry boil with crab legs! Got to run loves! 
More later!