Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The apple of my eye

So, the apple project is said and done! I went with the Robin Hood-esque theme and hope you like the turnout! Everyone did such a great job, this photo class is way too much fun!

Andrea was such a champ! We fought with mosquitos the whole time!

I love her eyes in this!
She's so darn expressive! Thought this was too funny!

So last week was aperture. Like making backgrounds blurry and such. Next week we will be showcasing one of my most favorite settings,
I like it because you can do so many interesting things with it. Immediately after class, I was inspired, like I was itching to leave because I wanted to try it out so badly because it was fresh in my mind. Well, I didn't want to go leaning off of overpasses by myself, so I waited for tonight so I could drag Justin along with me. Surely enough, I got the shot(s) I wanted! So so so obsessed with these! 

Yes, totally obsessed. Like I want to take a really really good one and put it on canvas lol. But I don't know how well that would go in my room but I just know I want one. 
Until next time,

Oh! And ps. Doing another SRM Make Up shoot this weekend! So sneak peeks are coming your way! I can't wait! Got lots of pretty girls, fun props, and a great make up artist! It's going to be a great shoot!

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