Wednesday, October 20, 2010

photography project

So I finally decided to take a photography class for various reasons (like I really need to add another thing to my day book!). Turns out, so far, it's really interesting and I think I'll learn a ton from it. Each week, we have these little "contests" if you will. This week our subject is (drumroll please,)

Easy, right?
I've come up with 2 completely different concepts to go about this. The first is a very modern take on the Robin Hood scene where one shoots an apple on top of someone's head. I want to doll Andrea up (of course) and sit that pretty red apple on top of her head and get dad to shoot arrows at her! Haha, not really, but I will sit an apple on top of her head after I've stuck an arrow through it. Interesting, right? 

Kind of like so,
More focus on apple and heavy make up & hair.
Plus, Andrea is much prettier.

The first one will be a whole apple, the second will have one bite taken out of it, and the third will just be the core. Very simple, but I think it has to be focused on just one apple? So it makes this idea a little trickier believe it or not.

Input, insight, ideas?
That is all for now. Seems like I've gone a little blog cRaZy!

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