Sunday, October 31, 2010

A quick "hello"

This girl is exhausted! Mom wanted to go shopping this morning, so shopping, I went! Got a few fantastic deals which I will share later :) 
Just wanted to pop in and say hello! Photo shoot yesterday was quite a success; I enjoyed every minute of it! The girls were great! Can't wait to show you some!
Duke is snuggled up against my arm and I have a horrible math paper to write! So much for posting this weekend!

Tomorrow will be the 720th day J & I have been dating = 2 YEARS! 
We did it honey! 

"Two weeks together, that's all it took for me to fall in love with you."
So so very true. 
He has been stringing me along and along with the gift he got for me. He's like a kid at Christmas when it comes to gifts. He can't wait to tell me what he got for me! So tonight, he came over for dinner with my family. This whole past week he kept telling me that my gift was "cold". I picked at him asking him if it was a lifetime supply of ice cream. No, no chance. 
So finally, tonight when he got here he instantly started pulling items out of a bag. 

He pulled the first one out saying, "this is the coldest" handing me a fluffy fleece vest that I mentioned months ago that I wanted. 
Good boyfriend. 
Next, he pulls out the next item. "This is kind of hot" handing me the new Taylor Swift CD. He knows me all too well. 
Nice boyfriend.  
Finally, he pulls out the last item. "This is very warm" handing me a gorg pair of white fleece|leather gloves. 
I love the gloves honey, but um? It's barely cold here. What are these for?
He realizes the puzzle on my face and says "I know you're wondering what these are for, but part of my gift is in February. In. The. Mountains!"

And this is only day one of my string along of surprises! Since he works tomorrow on our big day, we're having our date on Tuesday night.

For now loves. 


  1. happy anniversary!! my husband and I are celebrated 3 years of dating this thursday! we got engaged two days after our 2 year ;)

  2. this is so cute!! JJ and I are only at a year and a half, but i can't wait to celebrate with a great trip again next year.

    love your blog!


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