Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Definitely Worthy of . . .

"What I'm Loving Wednesday!"

I've never joined this little game but I know many of you do! I feel that with such a positive day behind me and positive days a head of me, it's only right that I join in! 

1. Today was such an accomplished day! I had 2 sets of photos to edit and make DVD's out of and they both got done! So so so excited! And everything has been sent and posted to the website! Woohoo! 
Sweet little girl!
2. I'm loving this weather! For it to be only February, people are out on the beach already and everyone is in shorts! It feels so nice outside! I actually wore sandals today! 

3. I'm absolutely loving that tomorrow night is our weekly girls night! Each week (for the last 3), myself and this group of now 3 girls come together every Thursday night for a dinner day! It seems like each week we multiply! We have such a good time! 
4. The Royal Wedding invites are out! I'm patiently awaiting the delivery of mine ;) 

5. Today I found out that on Sunday night I get to go watch the Savannah performance of The Vagina Monologues! I'm so excited to see the Monologues! 

I think that is all for today! I hope the next few days are just as great! 

Thank you all for your wonderful comments! I very much so appreciate it! 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Long Time No Blog (Week Recap)

Ahhhh, I'm back!
One day I'm going to get back to my normal posting ways, I hope :) 

So where did I leave off? Oh that's right, the day before Valentine's day! 

Well Valentine's day was a total success! My boyfriend surely is the best! He surprised me with a huge card with lots of sweet little messages with my name spelled out in sweet tarts ;) And then I got a dozen roses. I thought that was all. Boy did he do a good job! 
On our way to our dinner date for some sushi, he surprised me with this:

My very own birthstone. I couldn't believe it. I was in complete awe. My finger has never looked so beautiful! 
He did a great job & sushi was delish. 

The week continued on and there was more V-Day things. {Vagina Monologues!}
We had our meet and greet where I got to meet most of the women in the play. They were all so sweet and I got to really get a grasp on what kind of production I was working in. We call ourselves Vagina Warriors! How much fun ;) We celebrated this around Valentine's day so we got to indulge in on some sweet treats. Plus we were instructed to wear red and black (v-day's colors!)
Cute cupcakes!

Director Megan (on left) and Christine (right)

Christine's sweet little girl!

Like Mother, Like Daughter. Both have fabulous shoes!

I hardly know them, but I love my fellow warriors! Whoot!

The rest of the week carried on, very boringly might I add...until FRIDAY!
A part of the reason I've been in cognito is because I was so excited about my family vacation to Blowing Rock, North Carolina! 
I'll give you a sneak peek at some of the pictures, but I won't give you all the pictures! That can be my post tomorrow ;)

Until next time...


Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Honey I love your love the most"

In response to my last post, this is yet another "V-day"-esque post. But definitely not the same "V-day" (despite I'm loving that V-day!, more on that in a few).

Justin and I have always always always sent each other good morning texts. His are the sweetest thing in this world. Lord help me if he reads this post because I just thought I'd brag on him for a second. Remember my "love letter" posts. Well this is like a "love text" post, but I actually receive these!

Here are a just a few of my favorites:

Feb. 13, 2011           
"Good morning sweet tart. Happy our Valentine's Day. You are the best girlfriend. I love you very much. I can't wait for our date tonight. I miss you. You are everything to me. I love you forever and always."
November 23, 2010
"Good morning sweet tart. I love you so much words can't explain. You're the best girlfriend ever and I will always love you forever."
October 6, 2010
"Good morning sweet tart. I hope you have a great day today and remember I love you very very much because you're the best girlfriend a man could ask for."
I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful boyfriend!
He absolutely hates buying flowers, but this morning I found out the real reason why. He text me saying "I can't keep them more than one night" (He hasn't yet given them to me at this point). Apparently, he can't keep them from getting sick. I told him to treat them very nicely. They're delicate. He said he hates them because he can't keep them from looking sad. It's not always about how pretty the flowers are, its the thought that counts. Despite their sad-flower-syndrome, I can't wait to see them and that sweet man tonight!
We've both been super swamped these days. I've been all over the world and back it seems lately and so has he. We're seeing each other tonight for the first time in 3 or 4 days. I've lost count to be honest.
And to add to the excitement, we're doing our Valentine's day today too! I'll be in classes tomorrow from 8 to 8 (blahhhh!) so we're going to enjoy ourselves tonight. What are we doing you ask? Well, I have no clue! But he could fix me a peanut butter sandwich for dinner and just talk to me and I'd be a happy girl. But instead, I think our agenda has something to do with dinner and gifts :D

Sorry for bragging! I'm just so darn excited to see his face!

On to other "V-day" excitement.
This being "V-day" as in The Vagina Monologues!
I'm so very excited about it all! Going into it, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It's so neat though and I encourage anyone that has the opportunity to take it.
Friday night, we had a meeting|social gathering about the whole production. We watched a video that took us to the roots of the movement. It was incredibly sad to hear some of the stories. But I'm so exacted that doing this production will help women all over, especially the one's in Haiti that the money we raise will go to. I've never had so much fun talking about lady parts ;) It was a group of very diverse women! I'm not one to feel like I can make a huge difference, but I've always wanted to and doing this, I really feel like I am making somewhat of a difference in someones life! Join us in the fight against abuse & rape and let's all let women everywhere know that they are strong!

Okay, enough of my babble for today!

I love each and every one of you!
 Happy "V-day" in every way!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy "V-day"

Have you joined the movement? 
You know, the v-day movement? 

I bet you have no idea what I'm talking about, and if you do, even better ;)

The v-day movement is a little thing that is in part with The Vagina Monologues. 
I know, crazy title. But it's definitely attention getting. The first time I ever read this title, I couldn't believe that such a word was on Facebook and it had something to do with my school. But I was definitely interested. After much debate, I contacted one of my friends who was also in charge of it. She told me I should audition and I'd be perfect for it! 

Wait, what in the world is it? Well she gave me a link From there I scoured Google and read the testimonies of these women. 

Through these testimonies, there was one reoccurring theme: women empowerment and and the ultimate embodiment of individuality. 

Some of the testimonies include: 

  • I Was Twelve, My Mother Slapped Me: a chorus describing many young women's and girls' first menstrual period.
  • My Angry Vagina, in which a woman humorously rants about injustices wrought against the vagina, such as tamponsdouches, and the tools used by OB/GYNs.
  • My Vagina Was My Village, a monologue compiled from the testimonies of Bosnian women subjected to rape camps.
  • The Little Coochie Snorcher That Could, in which a woman recalls memories of traumatic sexual experiences in her childhood and a self-described "positive healing" sexual experience in her adolescent years with an older woman. In the original version, she is 13, but later versions would change her age to 16. This particular skit has sparked numerous controversies and criticisms due to its content.
  • I Was There In The Room, a monologue in which Eve Ensler describes the birth of her granddaughter.
I know, a little in your face, but it's very real. 

Every year a new monologue is added to highlight a current issue affecting women around the world. Every V-Day, thousands of local benefit productions are staged to raise funds for local groups, shelters, crisis centers working to end violence against women.

So, a good cause, I think so.
A good movement, definitely. 

I'll be proudly auditioning this afternoon at 6:00 pm. 

Monday, February 7, 2011


Hi darlings. 
Whew, I'm too entirely sleepy for it to only be 10:00! Where did my weekend go? 

As for the title of this post. Today has caught me completely off guard. 

I woke up and forced myself out of bed to find out that Justin had left his phone at home while he was at work :( I've missed talking to him all day, but to my surprise, I've managed just fine! Love him to death, but I guess I've been so busy that I haven't really thought about having my phone in my hand all day. 
To my next surprise, I had lunch with a very long lost friend. We had Mexican, like good times. And we couldn't stop talking! Boy, have I missed her. We both live such completely different lives from that we left in high school but it felt like the same friendship. Surprise!
Next, I came home to try to take my little sister's mind off of her recent break up. (She would totally kill me if she knew I were posting about this!) In order to do this, I took her to play miniature golf on the island! It was the most beautiful day we've had in quite a while. Andrea even wore shorts! Needless to say, we had a blast! We even stopped to get brownie fudge ice cream in a waffle cone. Yum. 
Onto the next surprise, we came home to Dad cooking oysters outside. (Man, it sounds like all I do is eat sometimes!) Anyways, the oysters were delish and my family and I played "Name that Tune", songs from Mom and Dad's past! Whew, they sure did beat us! 
After all of this, I came inside only to find out that I had one thing to do for homework! Surprise!
And thennnn, I got on Facebook and after about an hour or so, I had 3 inquiries about doing photos! SCORE! One of the girls that I spoke to was super sweet! And I hope to be working with her very soon! 
We've been watching the Super Bowl and the only thing I really have to say is that I'm extremely disappointed in Christina's rendition of the National Anthem. It's really disgraceful that on such a huge event, she flubbed up the lyrics! 
Back to my next super surprise, I randomly decided to get on here (at first, I wasn't going to post) and then I received a comment saying that I received an award :)
I haven't gotten one of these in a while and I was so surprised to see that it was a different one other than the Stylish Blogger award! 

A huge thank you to Annika from Annika's Little World!

The Rules: 
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post. {Check!}
2. Tell us seven things about yourself.
3. Award 7 recently discovered new bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and let them know they've received the award.

Seven things: 
(These are so hard!)
1. I photographed my first indoor shoot yesterday! It was so different for me! The weather was horrible outside and I was shooting a newborn so I didn't think risking it was even an option. Looking at the photos now are making me realize that I've expanded so much as a photographer, and I suppose there is only one way to go. {UP}
(They will be posted once I play with them some! Indoor shoots allow for some fun editing)

2. I have a serious obsession with modern musicals. Glee, Country Strong, Burlesque (despite Christina!), Chicago, Across the Universe, Moulin Rouge...I could go on! The music is so much fun to sing with while I'm driving. 

3. My Monday's are so hard! I have classes from 8:00 am to 8:30 pm! Yikes :( 
I have lots of breaks in between, but it's so hard to fill the void! Hooray for blog catch up!

4. Up until now, I posted all of these things last night, on Sunday, so I'm now finishing it. 
Sorry procrastination.

5. I'm a lefty :)

6. I get cold very easily, and I'm freezing right now!

7. I cannot stand wearing wet clothing :( like today, it's been raining nonstop and my jeans are soaked & during the summertime, if I go out in the river, I bring a dry set of clothes so I can change when I get in the truck. 

Okay, so that was my 7! ... #2, check!

3. Awards to be shared! 

Sorry if some of these are repeats, I tried really hard to change it up some, but I just love everyone so much :)

I hope y'all have a fabulous remainder of your Monday! 


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hump day, we meet again.

Hey y'all. Tonight is looking like a "love letter" night. I'm pooped and I've had a busy day at school and tomorrow I'll be at work all day. Anyways, as well as the letter, I'm also including the photos from the Bridal Show on Sunday. I hope you like them all. 
Hopefully you'll find this short & sweet :) 

From Woodrow Wilson: 

The White House
September 19, 1915
My noble, incomparable Edith,

I do not know how to express or analyze the conflicting emotions that have surged like a storm through my heart all night long. I only know that first and foremost in all my thoughts has been the glorious confirmation you gave me last night - without effort, unconsciously, as of course - of all I have ever thought of your mind and heart.

You have the greatest soul, the noblest nature, the sweetest, most loving heart I have ever known, and my love, my reverence, my admiration for you, you have increased in one evening as I should have thought only a lifetime of intimate, loving association could have increased them.

You are more wonderful and lovely in my eyes than you ever were before; and my pride and joy and gratitude that you should love me with such a perfect love are beyond all expression, except in some great poem which I cannot write.

Your own,

I thought this was such a sweet letter, and its one that I actually understand. 

We had one fall table (the one with the cotton) and then we also had a western-rustic booth. I hope y'all like them :) 
I'll be commenting everyone back very soon!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

And the winner is...

Hi friends! Just wanted to announce the winner of the giveaway real quick before I run off to the printer. 

I was so excited to finally do this! 

(Drumroll please...)

And the winner is! 

Congrats to Megan! I'll be getting in touch with you very soon! 
Thank you to all that entered. I can't wait to do more of these! 

I know this is short & sweet, but I'll be back for a post later on tonight with some photos from the Bridal Show on Sunday.