Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sometimes, my job makes my heart melt.

& here's why:

Just do it. Like I'd make you watch a video that's nasty or misleading....

Everytime we work a wedding with a fabulous photographer or videographer, I beg my boss to send me whatever link or photos we get.
I mean who doesn't like to ooh and ahh?
I was so privileged to work this wedding. The bride was just so incredibly classy and fun. She had fabulous taste.

Well, right towards the end of watching this video, Justin called me.
"Amy, it sounds like you're crying?"
"Oh, no I'm just watching some silly video" (Sniff, sniff.) "I'm not crying."
"Is it a wedding video?"

I know I haven't posted lately. I've been really stressed lately. Like beyond stressed. I'm having a really hard time with some things like school & work & money but that's why I decided to post this lovely, lighthearted video instead of carrying on about my stress.

So enjoy. I'll post the other sweet link from this wedding from the photographer soon :)

X's & O's.


  1. BEAUTIFUL! One of the main things that I really care about when I get married are quality picture (since they lat a lifetime) and a rockin' video to capture all the amazing little special moments!


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