Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This is a cry for ADVICE!

I hate awkward situations...
and I hate mean people that create them even more.

So Justin and I set a date way back when... 
We were so excited once we did so and it was even marked on my calendar as well as the one at the office for the wedding planner I work for...
Wedding binder has been made....Facebook statuses were posted.

Well back when we got engaged, one of the girls that's been dating a guy on the firedepartment that works with Justin was pretty fired up about us getting engaged before they did.
She eventually ended up deleting me on Facebook because she was so upset about this...

Well over the weekend, she got engaged...and added me back on Facebook.
Today her fiance told Justin that they have set a date for their wedding.

And it just so happens to be

Our day was perfect for us and it isn't a popular date or anything for any reason! 
Why else would they choose November 17th also? 

When Justin was talking to the other firefighter about this, the only thing the other guy had to say was "sounds like a personal problem to me". 

What do we do now? Keep the date? And hope that maybe they move it? Keep the date and make the firefighters choose which wedding to go to? Or do we bite the bullet and change our so hard to plan wedding date? We really worked hard to see if it was a good fit for us. I was so incredibly excited about getting married in November. 

It's so hard and it's really ruffled my feathers! 

What would you do if this happened to you?

Bless their hearts ;)



  1. OMG. first I would kill the girl so she cant go to her wedding which happens to be the same as your. JOKE. but seriously people have nerve. I would not change it at all becuase you picked that day and it obviously is special to you. I'm sure you already starting planning and the girls going to have to suck it up and all I can say is get your invites out before she does.

  2. I would definitely not change it if it's what y'all want!! So sorry that happened. That really does stink.

  3. goodness gracious, some people just have no couth, as my mama would say! i would keep your date, if i were you. if you change it, she wins. and we don't want that to happen! the other firefighters can chose amongst themselves which one to attend, but they have had more time to prepare and plan for yours, it sounds like.

    keep your head up on this one and show her who the classy one is:)

  4. How terrible! That sounds like something that would happen to a heroine of a romantic comedy! My advice is to just keep your date! Heck, you had it first...and when it comes right down to it: the day is most important for you and your man....and you know the 2 of you will be there--& that's all that really matters. :)

  5. I would keep your date. Ya'll know that it was yours first. Plus, ya'll have already met with the wedding planner and everything. And like Ashley said, it's just the 2 of ya'll that matter.

  6. Seriously. She sounds like a pill - I mean really, who blocks on facebook anyways, then on top of being childish and blocking people, adding them back as your friend? Very stupid. I would keep your date and screw them. They are obviously not important enough to spend time with you two on your very special day. It's all about you and I would forget about them. The people who are truly your friends will be there :)

    I'm sorry you have stupid petty drama in your life, especially regarding your big day!

    Take care lady!

  7. oh goodness! i just read this and wow! i don't know what i would do because it would probably split your friend in half. but i would definitely keep the date. you did claim it first. it's their own fault not yours. stick to your plans. don't let anything get in your way of marrying the man of your dreams.


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