Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Slow down sister.

Thank you to everyone!
Y'all gave fabulous advice about the big day. 
Which we're keeping!

You belong to Justin & I!

I had been searching far and wide for a photographer. It's the most important thing to me and I wanted to get it taken care of asap! Plus, Justin mentioned he wanted to go ahead and do our engagement photos. 

So after searching far and wide...

She gave us an offer I couldn't refuse, so I said yes! 
I think I see how this wedding stuff works....
You say "I do" to so many vendors and decisions before the wedding day that it actually prepares you for it when you get married! 

We're going to set up our engagement photos very soon so I will make sure I share them as soon as we get them! 

Speaking of photography....
I still am busy as ever!
Last week, my sister informed me on Friday that she had to have her senior photo for the yearbook by the following Monday! 
We both kept putting off her Senior photos due to our busy schedules...
But I think deep down inside, I was putting it off because I wasn't ready for my little sister to be old enough for senior photos.
I kept telling myself that she was still a little girl.
I think once you see these photos, you'll quickly see that she's not a little girl anymore. 
She is a beautiful woman now. 

Without further a do...

She is just the most gorgeous girl ever. And her personality matches her looks to boot! 
I love her so very much. 
Such a great best friend, sister, and now to add to the list, Maid of Honor! 
I just can't believe she grew up :(

Well, Daisy is hogging the bed and she's ready for some serious mum-and-pup cuddle time!

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  1. can't believe you said 'mum'...wanna be Ms Crabtree ;)


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