Saturday, September 10, 2011

Southern Proper

I've never really thought of it, I've just always known things to be the way they are. Up until I was walking to class one day and this guy was walking in front of me and his actions went like this.
Guy: open door for himself.
Door: then closes behind him.
I'm standing approximately 2 feet away!!!!!

In all the days of my life, I've never had this happen to me and I was completely beside myself. When I finally got to class, steamed and all, I sat there and wondered about this "guy". Yes, he's a guy. That's what he is. Definitely not a gentleman, that's for sure! As I sat there 2 things crossed my mind...1. He's definitely from the north or 2. He's been totally ill raised. Sad to assume those things, but I just couldn't help it. I know, maybe I don't get away from the South very often, but when gentlemen open the door for you, who would want to leave? I was in such shock that I had a huge blown out discussion with Justin and he was so puzzled that I was so concerned about this.

This has brought me to today's discussion. What is deemed "proper"? What is deemed "southern"?

For my wedding class, we were asked to write down traditions that revolved around our heritage. Well, being totally unoriginal, I decided to look up southern wedding traditions...and I was pretty surprised with what I found.

So yes, let's talk about all things from the sweet south. What's right, what's wrong, and a little lingo translation for ya!

  • Everything is "precious". There's no getting around it. Once ya say it, you're stuck with it. It's not just babies, or anything cute at all, it can even be an old man walking down the street. "Precious" is used to describe EVERYTHING.
  • We like our food fried and our tea sweet. We may be on a diet, but we'll find a way to make these things work. When I was on Weight Watchers (which I'll be doing again...soon), I made room for fried chicken. It was totally worth eating green beans and cabbage.
  • Don't ever underestimate a southern woman. We are as powerful as any man by any means. Don't think you can hide anything from us because 1. we know you're lying and 2. We’ll find out from someone else if you don't tell us first.
  • "Bless your heart" may not always be said in the sweetest way possible. It's often our go to phrase when we want to say something mean, but we can't.
  • My number 1 always go to saying: kill them with kindness, always. It's like my mantra, ya know, if I had one. If you're nice to the mean girl, then you'll be looked at as the better person, and the mean girl will deep down inside know that you're being nice just to get to her. It always, always works...even on men too ;)
  • Bake, a lot, with a pink frilly apron. This is my sister's go-to southern way. I wish I could bake like her. She makes all things wonderful. Next on my list of how-to is a Southern Comfort Pound Cake! Recipe to come soon!
  • Pearls look good with everything. Though I may lack in wearing my string of pearls all the time, I do have a bracelet that I wear religiously. It's a David Yurman with pearls on the end of it. To die for!
  • If you have nothing nice to say, then always say "bless your heart". It's the southern sarcastic saying that won't get you in trouble.
  • Attend football games, parties, weddings, & baby showers at all costs.
  • Monogram where & when possible. I feel extremely sorry for my future children.
  • When planning a wedding, or any other soirĂ©e, refer to Emily Post's etiquette guide. And don't ever forget thank you notes! (Again, my grandmother is probably reading this and thinking I should follow my own advice, but I always try to send thank you's!)
  • Always, always, always smile. It will get you a lot further. I'm the kind of person that if I don't smile, I look really mean. And that's never appealing.

 I hope somebody enjoys reading this! I know I'm not the best at blogging these days, but can ya blame me?
I'll even promise to post tomorrow too! :D

Happy Saturday!



  1. This post made me so happy. I'm from the South and I agree with everything you said. I've started my second year of grad school out in Missouri, and this I miss all things Southern. And "Bless Your Heart" will cover all sins. Thanks for giving me a little taste of being back home while I'm in this strange foreign land of Missouri.

  2. Love this post! so so so true. all of it. I'm from the South and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    "If you have nothing nice to say, then always say "bless your heart". It's the southern sarcastic saying that won't get you in trouble."

    LOL! So true.


  3. I am envious of Southern tradition. Being from California tradition is not as strong here. And ps, I know this is like a month late, but somehow I haven't seen your blog updates and OMG CONGRATS ON THE ENGAGEMENT!! I am so excited for you!! And I can't wait to watch the TV show!!! We need to email and stay caught up with everything because I miss ya!!

    xo, Kels


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