Monday, September 5, 2011

The Insider!


As of right now, it's all been wonderful! But you see, there is this little thing that has turned into a not so little thing. 
You know me...I'm one for loving pretty things. What girl doesn't, right? Well I obsess over big parties, events, etc. 

Ever since I got engaged, I was like "hey, let's have an engagement party?!" "Let's have one in October....of this year!"
Now I know, Emily Post is frowning at me right now, but we were so excited about being engaged that we wanted to throw one a little early since we're waiting so long to get married. 

Sooooo I'm going to share all and most details of the big party with you!

Oh, all photos are from Pinterest! 

It all starts with an invite! Ours are in turquoise & gray saying "Amy & Justin are tying the knot, help us celebrate their engagement."

The location! It's not going to be tented, but there is a pavilion to the right of the tent. 

Signage leading the guests to the "shindig" ;)
Along with arrows pointing to cornhole, restrooms, etc.

Long tables with burlap runners and white linens and white padded folding chairs.

And the very obvious floral scheme of wildflowers in masons tied with twine! Except there will be a wide assortment of glass vases, jars, bottles, etc. in a line down the table with votive candles. 

Hanging jars in the oaks.

And bbq for dinner with a signature cocktail of "Apple Pie Moonshine" with a moonshine substitution (probably everclear or vodka). 
Desserts will be redvelvet cake pops and possibly lemon squares! 

Can't wait to celebrate! 



  1. so cute! i love your ideas. i'm not even engaged yet and im planning stuff like this. congrats!

  2. Lovely pictures!
    Your ideas are so cute, sounds like a great wedding :D

  3. New follower! Such a great idea! Congrats on getting engaged! Being married is so wonderful! Also, Pinterest is so awesome! So many cute ideas!


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