Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Annie UP!

There's nothing I love more than a man-hatin', I'm gonna kick your tail, kind of song.
I love being a strong independent woman...well at least that's how I see myself (most days).

Have you heard of the Pistol Annies?
I've always been a HUGE Miranda Lambert fan, just in case you haven't read.
Back in June, my VERY VERY best friend bought me an early birthday present to see ML in concert. Well surprise, she brought out her gal pals, the Pistol Annies.

Ever since we saw them in concert, I basically stalked their facebook page and all youtube videos. I love their song "Hell on Heels", which I often blair and sing at the very top of my lungs!

Well their debut album came out yesterday!
I scoured every Target, Best Buy, and Walmart within a 25 mile radius...but I had to buy it on iTunes because it was nowhere to be found! 

Here's my thoughts on the album:

Not as upbeat as I expected it to be, but I absolutely love the girls voices together. My favorite song on the album, other than "Hell on Heels" has to be "Housewife's Prayer", "Bad Example", "Takin' Pills", "Boys from the South", and "Lemon Drop". 
I just couldn't choose one!

It's a great album! For all of you country lovers, YOU MUST BUY IT!

Check out the ladies!

"ain't tryin' to get rich, just tryin' to get by."


  1. LOVE THEM !!!!! Amazing.

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