Tuesday, August 23, 2011


...hit the books hard,
they don't hit back.

Yes, my friends. That definitely means I'm back to school!

Ever since I got back from my vacation, I've been hard at it! 
I started back school last week.
I'm doing day of coordination for a wedding this weekend.
I met David Tutera at a grand event on Tybee Island 2 weeks ago called "Cut the Ribbon, Cut the Cake". He was beautiful.
I'm loving being engaged! My fiance and I are so busy planning the big shindig!
Photography has been busy busy and I've made a big change to my business.

When I began my business last year, my rates were lower than low. Like to the point where I wasn't making a dime. And that was okay, because I was inexperienced and just playing around at that point.
Well now, it's a full blown business which I take very seriously. I've educated myself in the field as well as paid out of pocket for classes. I've bought equipment (just got my studio equipment over the weekend!) and I've had things break. I realized that my business was pretty busy when I had 6 shoots scheduled last week. Only 4 of them came through, but 4 shoots the same week as school starting back up along with a ton of other things including work, is very overwhelming. 
SO I've decided, why bust my butt for so many shoots with a lower price when I can up my price just a little bit and take less shoots a week? I want to enjoy being engaged. I want to enjoy my business. I want to enjoy my senior year of college. 
So from here on out, I'm only taking 2 shoots a week and I've upped my pricing just a little bit. I don't think my pricing was very competitive in the first place. 

I think this should work for me. Less stress....more of a schedule with my clients....hopefully same income.

Oh and Tutera:


Okay, so high-quality, not so much! 
Who cares! 


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