Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fone Fotography's your wedding day and your photographer arrives with their "equipment" meaning their cellular device.

Have you ever thought of that?

I was reading in a local magazine last week that the editor of the magazine felt that it was okay for him to photograph things for the magazine with his iPhone! He also thinks that the world of photography is slowly going to turn to phones instead of buying actual cameras!

I think that's far from true...but I just wanted to throw this out there!
Could you imagine paying someone hundreds of dollars to run a magainze and they're doing their shoots with a cell phone!? Better yet, what if cell phones turn into a full blown photography business sort of thing! Weddings, portraits... Makes my skin crawl!

That's all on  that subject. Just had to get it out of my head.

Speaking of, it's about to fall out like a rain storm in the middle of hurricane Irene!

I did day of coordination for a bride yesterday on Hilton Head Island ***my first one ever*** and it went great! I was very surprised with myself. And then I had to wake up this morning at 7 am..... that didn't go over so well. I'm getting bed separation anxiety :(

I have 15 more minutes at work.
Closing time!!!! 

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  1. a phone camera could NEVER be the same quality as a professional camera. Why are people so crazy?! technology is great and all but sometimes you have to stick with the basics


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