Saturday, July 2, 2011

Let's Get Down To Business

So I've kind of figured out where the view of this blog is from.
Its the story of a 20 year old girl that has just started her own business and trying to figure out the ways of the world.
Well, lets go ahead and do a little "hip, hip, hooray!" for the fact that I've already had to renew my business licence! That was almost too fast! But I guess applying in the middle of the "business year" was kind of silly when I first got it back in January (remember me?). Anyhoo... to comemorate this fine renewal, I'm celebrating in 2 ways! One of which you'll have to wait and see next week...I'm waiting until the actual licence comes in.

As for the other one, I'm wanting a business card update!
I have a SERIOUS obsession with beautiful stationary. Like, I can't go into Hallmark, Staples, TJ Maxx without buying thank you cards and just little note cards! I use them, of course! To mail to my clients after a shoot, but's created a monster! All I want is to have beautiful letter pressed cardstock die cut business cards! But that would run me about $400 for just 300 or so :(

Anyways, check out these beauties that I've been lusting over.

Love the font!

Perfect die cut!

Too incredibly perfect! One of my favorites!

When I worked at a bridal show with Ashley Rhodes Events (remember me?), I saw this girl that did letter press and I grabbed one of her business cards and just swooned over how much I loved it. Goodness gracious. Letter press. YES. The cute skinny business card. YES. The perfect paring of delicate colors. YES. The way the letter press felt under my fingers on such perfect cotton paper. YES YES YES!

I think I have a problem. And I'm doing a lot of recalling old blogs today! Yay!

Well anyways, new business cards will be a go very soon...but probably no letter press or beautiful custom die cut.
Unless you know of a great not so $300 business card place?!

And possibly a new logo?!
Ahhhh hooray for turning a new leaf ;)

I'll be having dinner with all of my mom's side of the family & my sweet boyfriend is coming too! What a great afternoon!

Hope all of you have as wonderful of a day!


  1. Oh wow, those business cards are amazing!! I would have never guessed that they were so expensive though! That's insane!

    So proud of you, friend!!

  2. beautiful blog you got…

    why dont we follow each other?

    Good night :)

    Sacha x

  3. I love all those business cards. So exciting!

  4. BEAUTIFUL business cards!! I love 'em!! Who would've thought business card shopping could be so fun? :)
    And Congrats on your growing business! That's so wonderful!
    Have a happy 4th of July :)

  5. I never really paid any attention to business cards until this- ha! Really love those!


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