Monday, April 25, 2011

At This Time

TODAY WAS MY LAST DAY OF CLASSES FOR THE SEMESTER! (Except I have 2 days of finals. . .) 
But anyways, I'm so excited for the weekend (minus work) that I can hardly stand it! 
My little sis goes to her first prom on Friday. I think I will cry, there for I do. 
I feel like my prom was just yesterday. Yikes.

Prom 2008!

Prom 2009
I just can't believe her turn is here! 
Anyways, I've been given the privilege to chaperone her weekend classmates get together. I don't want to call it a house party, because it's not that at all. There's only a handful of them going to be there. And it's at a beach house. Swoon. Except I'll be working during the no beach for this girl! 
But I do get to take some fabulous photos of her whole limo group! Eek....keep your eyes pealed please! 

So here's this:
Found at Eat. Drink. Be A Tourist.

Current guilty pleasure: The JaneDear Girls. I bought their CD on Friday & I can't stop listening to it! 

Current color: Teal!

Current playlist: Ah...other than the previously stated CD, I'd say my new country music featuring : The Band Perry, Eric Church, Ashton Sheppard, Luke Bryan, and Little Big Town.

Current read: Cosmopolitan.

Current (lifetime...) drink: Diet Coke. 

Current food: BLT's. 

Current favorite show: Anything "Royal Wedding" related.

Current wish list: To finish editing all of these photos!

Current needs: A day in the river.

Current triumphs: FINALS

Current bane of my existence: Photography!

Current celebrity crush: Luke Bryan...drool. 

Current indulgence: Quiet late nights. 

Current blessing: All of these incredible photography jobs I've been given here lately. My business has over-exceeded my expectations. I was reminded today to thank God for my inspiration and the drive to be creative.

Current outfit: "Ladies love country boys" t-shirt & black workout pants that don't get to actually work out, shame...

Current excitement: The semester is coming to an end! Eeek!

Current mood: Drained & tired, but so ready for sunshine filled days and so much great things to come!

Where I borrowed this fun little survey from! 

Later loves ;)

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