Sunday, May 1, 2011

You knew this was coming!

Lucky for you, I have not yet had the opportunity to watch the Royal Wedding in entirety...(not so lucky for me!)
I know you're all probably sick of it by now...but I like the other girls of Ashley Rhodes Events are wedding snobs! We take pride in calling ourselves that too!
With this weekend being the busiest wedding weekend of the year, I wasn't given much time to watch it with work and my sister's prom taking place. Oh and did I mention finals? Yep, those too!

So the Royal Wedding and I have a date on Tuesday.
Just me and the wedding, all to ourselves ;)

But anyways, the hype has been too much for me and I couldn't resist but to look at some pictures! Here are my favorite!

Program photo....what an incredibly beautiful couple.

My favorite photo so far.

Such beautiful people! Pippa & Kate are both so incredibly gorgeous! And Kate is so classic and just perfect! I can't wait to see the wedding in its entirety and hear the vows and see the kiss! Ahhhh.



  1. Her wedding dress is absolutely gorgeous!! I love Kate's style oh so much!

  2. i loved this! it was a cinderella farytale! and her dress was AMAZING! so adorable


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