Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy "V-day"

Have you joined the movement? 
You know, the v-day movement? 

I bet you have no idea what I'm talking about, and if you do, even better ;)

The v-day movement is a little thing that is in part with The Vagina Monologues. 
I know, crazy title. But it's definitely attention getting. The first time I ever read this title, I couldn't believe that such a word was on Facebook and it had something to do with my school. But I was definitely interested. After much debate, I contacted one of my friends who was also in charge of it. She told me I should audition and I'd be perfect for it! 

Wait, what in the world is it? Well she gave me a link From there I scoured Google and read the testimonies of these women. 

Through these testimonies, there was one reoccurring theme: women empowerment and and the ultimate embodiment of individuality. 

Some of the testimonies include: 

  • I Was Twelve, My Mother Slapped Me: a chorus describing many young women's and girls' first menstrual period.
  • My Angry Vagina, in which a woman humorously rants about injustices wrought against the vagina, such as tamponsdouches, and the tools used by OB/GYNs.
  • My Vagina Was My Village, a monologue compiled from the testimonies of Bosnian women subjected to rape camps.
  • The Little Coochie Snorcher That Could, in which a woman recalls memories of traumatic sexual experiences in her childhood and a self-described "positive healing" sexual experience in her adolescent years with an older woman. In the original version, she is 13, but later versions would change her age to 16. This particular skit has sparked numerous controversies and criticisms due to its content.
  • I Was There In The Room, a monologue in which Eve Ensler describes the birth of her granddaughter.
I know, a little in your face, but it's very real. 

Every year a new monologue is added to highlight a current issue affecting women around the world. Every V-Day, thousands of local benefit productions are staged to raise funds for local groups, shelters, crisis centers working to end violence against women.

So, a good cause, I think so.
A good movement, definitely. 

I'll be proudly auditioning this afternoon at 6:00 pm. 


  1. Oh my gosh! I had always wondered what this was! I still remember the first time I saw a sign for it, I thought to myself, "what has this world come to?!" Thanks so much for sharing! I have so much more respect for it now! Good luck on your audition tonight!!! :]

  2. Good luck on the audition!!! Let us know how it goes!

    I saw the V Monolougues about 5 years ago, and loved it. :)

  3. Oh wow, I had no idea what that was- so amazing! Good luck girl!

  4. I have something to admit...I've never seen the infamous monologues. They did them every year at Georgetown and life was always crazy with midterms so I never went. Now I'm so sad I didn't!

    Hope you're having a great week, my dear! xoxo {av}

  5. I've heard about it, but never knew what it was, now I do, thanks to you!

    I hope it went well! You'll have to tell your friend Kristen, aka, me, all about it at dinner tonight!

  6. I have not seen the vagina monologues in a while but they are so great. Very inspiring.

  7. Really interesting post!!I had no thank you very much for the information!!And good luuuuck!!!

  8. I got your package today and OH MY GOSH! I love you allllll! I can't believe how cute the box was and everything. I posted about it on the blog!

  9. V-Day is awesome!! What a great cause! I hope your audition goes well! I cant wait to hear how it goes!!

    I'm here from Bright Wishes!

  10. all the best with the very inspired to see the vagina monologues now after reading this.

  11. You should add more graphics in your blog...


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