Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Honey I love your love the most"

In response to my last post, this is yet another "V-day"-esque post. But definitely not the same "V-day" (despite I'm loving that V-day!, more on that in a few).

Justin and I have always always always sent each other good morning texts. His are the sweetest thing in this world. Lord help me if he reads this post because I just thought I'd brag on him for a second. Remember my "love letter" posts. Well this is like a "love text" post, but I actually receive these!

Here are a just a few of my favorites:

Feb. 13, 2011           
"Good morning sweet tart. Happy our Valentine's Day. You are the best girlfriend. I love you very much. I can't wait for our date tonight. I miss you. You are everything to me. I love you forever and always."
November 23, 2010
"Good morning sweet tart. I love you so much words can't explain. You're the best girlfriend ever and I will always love you forever."
October 6, 2010
"Good morning sweet tart. I hope you have a great day today and remember I love you very very much because you're the best girlfriend a man could ask for."
I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful boyfriend!
He absolutely hates buying flowers, but this morning I found out the real reason why. He text me saying "I can't keep them more than one night" (He hasn't yet given them to me at this point). Apparently, he can't keep them from getting sick. I told him to treat them very nicely. They're delicate. He said he hates them because he can't keep them from looking sad. It's not always about how pretty the flowers are, its the thought that counts. Despite their sad-flower-syndrome, I can't wait to see them and that sweet man tonight!
We've both been super swamped these days. I've been all over the world and back it seems lately and so has he. We're seeing each other tonight for the first time in 3 or 4 days. I've lost count to be honest.
And to add to the excitement, we're doing our Valentine's day today too! I'll be in classes tomorrow from 8 to 8 (blahhhh!) so we're going to enjoy ourselves tonight. What are we doing you ask? Well, I have no clue! But he could fix me a peanut butter sandwich for dinner and just talk to me and I'd be a happy girl. But instead, I think our agenda has something to do with dinner and gifts :D

Sorry for bragging! I'm just so darn excited to see his face!

On to other "V-day" excitement.
This being "V-day" as in The Vagina Monologues!
I'm so very excited about it all! Going into it, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It's so neat though and I encourage anyone that has the opportunity to take it.
Friday night, we had a meeting|social gathering about the whole production. We watched a video that took us to the roots of the movement. It was incredibly sad to hear some of the stories. But I'm so exacted that doing this production will help women all over, especially the one's in Haiti that the money we raise will go to. I've never had so much fun talking about lady parts ;) It was a group of very diverse women! I'm not one to feel like I can make a huge difference, but I've always wanted to and doing this, I really feel like I am making somewhat of a difference in someones life! Join us in the fight against abuse & rape and let's all let women everywhere know that they are strong!

Okay, enough of my babble for today!

I love each and every one of you!
 Happy "V-day" in every way!


  1. congrats!
    and im with you on the pb&j v-day :)
    sounds like you'll have a wonderful night.

  2. You two are so cute! And congrats on getting the part, thats amazing!

  3. He is such a sweetie! There is just something amazing about Justins! : )

    Congrats on getting the part! That's so exciting!! I hope y'all have a wonderful night tonight!!

  4. How sweet AMY! I love this post! And I'm so happy you got the part!!!!!

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

  5. Happy Valentines Day to you too...

  6. Hello darling!

    Congratulations on getting the part, I bet you'll be fabulous ♥

    And nawwwww at your lovely boyfriend, happy valentines day to you!

    PS - Thank you for passing the torch to me for the versatile blogger - i'm going to pop mine up tomorrow :) xx

  7. Awwww
    He's sweet, you two are perfect for eachother!
    Ps. You need to show everyone the gorgeous ring he got you!
    Loveee you sweetie!

  8. you guys are just too sweet! that's so amazing and you truly are making a difference~ xoxo

  9. melt my heart. and congrats!!!

  10. your boyfriend ROCKS.

    love these texts...hope you're having a great week, pretty lady! xoxo {av}

  11. your bf is awesome. he needs to teach a class to other boys :)

  12. Those love letters are so cute : )


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