Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pop of Bliss!

It is just the beginning of my day, and I"m not quite sure how its going yet. Like, I woke up to an email from my teacher saying class was cancelled (hooray!) but I'm beginning to stress about the rest of the week. 

With the toll of the winter coming, nobody wants to get married until the spring. So, I'm being given some time off from work, and lets face it. This girl has to work to live. That means two words: JOB HUNTING. Oh how I despise preparing resumes, dressing "the part", clammy hands at interviews, etc. I have a resume template pulled up on Word as I'm typing this. Luckily, one of my fantastic hospitality teachers is taking us on a work|field trip this weekend at Brays Island where he is giving me the opportunity to speak to someone about a part time job. **FINGERS CROSSES PLEASE!** 
As for the other part of my weekend, we have the biggest wedding of the year at Ashley Rhodes Events and I cannot be more excited to see the details. It's going to be very vintage and luxe. The bride and groom are from Manhattan and are providing only the best. I wish I could take my camera, but since it is such an expensive event and the photographer is amazing, I'll leave it at home and wait :( 

Wedding talk makes me so happy, I figured I'd post some bliss on the blog (also, because my SD card is broken and it leaves me photoless.)

Love the invitations. Just beautiful.
A little pop of color!
Just makes me smile.
The lighting, the color, ohhh I'm in heaven.
One word to describe why I love this: BOOTS!
We were once considering using this chandelier for the weekend, but went with something else.  I still like it though. 
Beautiful floral. Loving the wine bottles.
My favorite couples are attractive couples. Love them.
Such a sweet idea!
Last but not least, how sweet is he?
(Please note that these photos are not my own. Most are taken from 100 Layer Cake Blog and the others have the watermark on them.)

 Hope everyone has a splendid Wednesday! 


  1. I think you and I should start our own Photography business heh! We could travel all around, sounds like fun to me!

    And you'll be on Bray's? That's where I work! And this Friday their hosting a play.. and I'm being forced to go since the guy I work for is in the play..
    But good luck with the job hunting!

  2. im a hospitality student at sdsu and totally feel you on interviews and such. i hope everything goes well for you!

    and i am equally (creepily) obsessed with all things wedding. i would love to see photos from the vintage one!

    isn't cancelled class the greatest? :)

  3. gorgeous photos! i love it! :)


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