Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wacky Wednesday...

I know, lovely tacky titles this week right?! I had a needless to say weird day. Well, I mean the day itself wasn't weird but one thing was said today that kept me puzzled all day. 

No names to be said, and this isn't the first time (well, its the second time) but a "professional" degraded my work. I know this should be taken as a compliment, but I'm sort of taken back. I never started photography to be a professional or anything of that sort. I just do it because I absolutely love it. If someone wants me to take photos for them, then so be it. I do it because to me, it's fun! For a business owner to go and say something to someone (in writing might I add) just is kind of well, sad? I am just a measly 20 year old girl trying to get by. I've gone to journalism camp and I'm in the process of taking a class just to indulge myself in the knowledge of producing photographs. I don't do it to take away from any other person's business. With this all being said, I knew that somewhere there had to be a quote to summarize how I felt about the situation because I've just been so taken by the whole thing. 

"Envy is a symptom of lack of appreciation of our own uniqueness and self worth. Each of us has something to give that no one else has." ~Elizabeth O'Connor

What you have to offer is your style and your personality. You'll never be able to duplicate someone's ability to capture photos. I think it's absolutely impossible. And I think it's great! Clients choose photographers based on that. If someone prefers one photographer over another, then that's the business. If they wanted you to do the photoshoot, then they would have called you, not me. Simple as that. It just doesn't make sense to me. I'm trying not to let it get to me, but some of the things this person said was just completely uncalled for. It kind of hurt me, but it was like a feel good hurt. For someone to go out of the way to tell my client that you could provide them something better is only showing your own insecurity. You can simply say that you don't like my style of work or whatever it is but don't go knocking everything I do and call me just a "free portrait setting" with an "entry level camera". Apparently, this person is not from this part of the woods, but around here, our momma's have taught us that if we have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all.

Thank you for fueling my fire :) Sorry for the vent sesh. Now, to more editing my "free portrait setting" photographs! The end result (to me) is going to be amazing! 

On to other things! My resume is done and ready for tomorrow! **Fingers crossed friends!** This girl needs some part time work! 
Since I showcased other beautiful wedding work earlier, I figured it was time for me to get around to editing and showing off some of my own details photos from weddings over the summer. 

Beautiful bout. 
Hydrangea, an Ashley Rhodes Events staple. 
One of my least favorite venues to work, but one of my most favorite to look at.
I love taking photos of cakes! They're just gorgeous! 

Hibernian, so pretty with candle light. 

Just as beautiful empty.
So now does my header look a little familiar? It's the gorgeous gold (yes, real 14k gold) chandelier hanging in the middle of the room. This venue is fascinating. The stage practically tells stories. 


Question of the night? Have you ever been approached in this manner (my photographer confrontal)? Or even felt threatened by another photographer? Thoughts, theories, tales?


  1. ohmygosh! Are you kidding me with these!! They are beautifulll!! :) You have such an amazing talent... how lucky you are! They seriously are so stunning. Way to be amazing!

  2. Those are stunning and you are totally incredible:) I love that
    Kisses and you have a great blog here
    I will be back:)

  3. What a cute blog you have!
    I feel your pain as a young girl also loving photography. Just keep in mind that you're doing it for you and that's all that really matters.
    Can't wait to

  4. Never pay attention to an ignorant person. It is a waste of time. Words of wisdom from your Mema, with love.

  5. Amy, it's quite sad that you would take something as an insult when it definitely was not meant to be that way at all. For that matter, it was not only meant to help you, but your friend that is also trying to get started with a career in a very hard industry that professionals with credentials and certification have a hard time surviving in. Objective criticism is something that comes with any venture in life and business. It is only said to help further you in the field and any photographer or any person in general should be able to handle a bit of suggestion to help you grow and learn in life. Your pictures are very pretty, and you have started out on the right track. That never goes to say that you can't improve, learn new techniques or get a little help once in a while. Photographers that have been doing this their entire lives are ALWAYS learning new things and finding ways to perfect their work. It is simply how life goes. Learn to take things with a grain of salt and to not immediately jump on the "they suck and don't know what they're talking about" or "they're insecure" bandwagon. Insecurity usually only comes from the one pointing the finger back and not wanting to own up to the point or fact that was brought up.
    Learn all that you can, and run with it. Know that learing will never ever end, and that you can always find ways to improve in your business and in your personal life.


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