Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hi friends! 

I'm sorry I've been so slack on posting! I've just kind of been uninspired? I suppose...and busy....as usual! 

Some updates: 
The engagement party went wonderfully! We had a blast and it went just as I had hoped! I'll add some photos here shortly....I think! lol

School has been kicking my tail...just mentally. It's just getting to be such a pain to drive all the way the way there (I drive about 45 minutes to go to school each day). 

I've been bombarded in business! I had a shoot last Saturday, Sunday, Monday of this week, one tomorrow, and mini sessions on Sunday as well as a full session immediately following! Whew! I just don't know how I do this sometimes. 

Wedding planning: My dream photographer has offered us a discount on our wedding day since I've known her through work for so long. I'm so thrilled about this! But not so much about having to place the deposit. I decided that I would pay for the photographer myself but at this very moment, I don't really have the money for the deposit. I'm sure I'll figure it out (as always) but I feel like I'm constantly playing chicken with expenses. Justin and I are doing some house shopping and throwing wedding bills into the mix isn't much fun...
But we have chosen our venue for the big day! It's absolutely beautiful! 

You see the barn esque structure in the top right corner? That's called the "Chapel in the Woods" and that's where our ceremony will take place. We'll have a tent within walking distance for the reception. 
Working for a wedding planner has totally helped get me these 2 things that were at the tippy top of my list. Now I just have to sign contracts and place deposits to secure them....blah.

And wedding dress hunting.... My heart is set on lace & a keyhole back...but I'm very nervous that my body isn't right for that type of dress. I'm more of a curvy, plus size kind of girl....so I don't see my body looking right in that dress....but my heart wants it so bad. It makes me really nervous....like to the point of not wanting to try on dresses. I'm going to try to slim down some I hope. another....BLAH.

Okay, so that's all from me...

See, told you not very inspired to write. 

Until next time...


  1. I think you should get the dress you love- I am sure you will look amazing in it no matter what. Just because you only see it on size 0 models doesn't mean you can't rock it!;-)

  2. Oh my, that venue is gorgeous :)
    As for as the dress is concerned, you get that dress you love girl. It is all about YOU and what you like, who cares what anyone else may think. Quite honestly, I know you will look stunning!!! Like Shalyn said above, a size 0 is NOT appealing. Rock what you got :)



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