Thursday, July 14, 2011

My first assignment

So today was the start of my new "job". 
For me, I can't seem to wrap my mind around calling this a job only because it requires me to photograph the fun I have in beautiful Beaufort by the sea. 

Well today, was my little sister's birthday! Okay, okay, I can't call her little anymore. She's a senior in highschool and calling colleges :(. She's seventeen! I remember being seventeen! It was like yesterday! Wowza! 

So for her birthday, she requested that we go and get some feather extensions! So that's exactly what we did! 
While getting feathered out...I took plenty of photos for my new photo job! 

Check them out!

Little Andy getting her feathers! 

So hard to choose!

A day at the salon can only be ended with a deslish dinner at Mizu! Ohhhh hibachi is so good! 

I'm pretty much looking forward to this job and my assignments to come! Tomorrow I'm off to photograph some restaurants for lunch & dinner as well as the kickoff of Waterfestival! Fireworks and nightlife! I get to visit a bar for more pictures after the fireworks! Yay!

More tales to be told soon!

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  1. now i'm hungry for hibachi..and i want feathers in my hair.


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