Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beauty is only skin deep....

So lets talk about it.
I mean ....

Maybe it has something to do with my new "diet". 
Maybe it has something to do with stress.
Maybe it has something to do with all of this new exercise.

But as of lately, my skin is so oily! 

I've always been the one with the dry skin.
Flakey here,
Flakey there.

But now....
It's like before I even hit lunch time.

Oily skin! 

I really can't stand it to be honest and I want to make it go away.
So what do you do when you feel like you could fry an egg on your face? 

As for WW....I've already lost 6lbs since last Wednesday. 
And that was when I looked last night. 

I was all gung ho about dieting last week until the weekend came. 
On this diet, I'm not supposed to have more than ONE alcoholic drink per day and at that point, what's the purpose of even having just one!? To tease me, I'm sure. 
Granted, that's the only thing I'm very limited on. I can still eat fast food when needed. I can still have my constant Diet Coke indulgences....
But I need beer in my life.
Maybe that's why my skin is oily?! Ah! 

Doubt it! 

Enough of my ramblings.
I know you feel like you've just wasted 10 minutes of your life or so reading all of that! 
If you don't mind, share your secrets of the skin!



  1. oh my word girl i completely feel your pain! my face has been freaking out lately and i went to the dermatologist today hoping for some help and she prescribed me $400 dollar face cream! so much for that. have you tried skin id? I always use toner i feel like it helps with the oil!

  2. I have always had oily skin, I can thank my Daddy O for this lovely genetic gift. I love Aveeno's clear complexion soap...it has just the right amount of salicylic acid in it to dry up my skin. Also, my dermatologist told me to try moisturizers geared towards teenage skin, since their skin is usually more oily.

  3. ugh you are not alone. i have hormonal adult acne. woooo! i use the clean and clear benzoyl (spelling?) cleanser and some weeks it does great and others not so much :/

  4. UGH, I AM HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM! My skin has NEVER been oily! I have just switched Facewashes and am trying to drink more water...good luck!


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