Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So I guess...

Wednesdays are my days to post! I originally wrote this post on Monday, but I never got around to finishing it! Eek, I'm slack :( 

Well hello dears! 
I am making it a goal to get this blog back into shape this week! 
I can & will do it :) (EDIT as of Wednesday: Looks like that hasn't happened yet!)
So look forward to some new things, I hope

Anyways, weekend? How was yours? Hmmm? 
Mine was interesting. I worked both Saturday and Sunday at Brays Island. It was my first full weekend there without anyone watching my every move and I think it went well! Unfortunately the weather was just so beautiful and I had to stay inside, kind of like what I'm having to do today :( But that's alright. One day, I'll spend my every breathing moment soaking up the sun on the river. Besides working, Saturday night, Justin and I met with another couple and had dinner and drinks at Giuseppi's in Bluffton where we watched a band. The singer was incredible! And we had a blast. I told my sister that "I actually felt like a 20-something year old for once instead of the old woman I've become." Lately, all I do is work and school. Not much time for a lot of fun but I'm trying to make time for that too. That's what my weekly girls nights are for! Sunday night, I went with some of my cast members to watch The Vagina Monologues in Savannah. It was the first time I'd ever seen the show and it was great! I loved it! And it only made me happier that I'm a part of it! 

In other things, here are some of the promised photos from my President's Day weekend trip to the mountains! 

Daring family tradition: To visit the original Mass General Store

They have over 500 different types of candy!

Andrea and her new lunchbox! 

Mom & Dad


She thought about jumping ;)

Yes, I was "hiking" wearing boots, cowboy boots.

The only snow we saw :( 

I have tons more, but maybe I'll post them later! 

My darling, handsome boyfriend has been given the honor of being named Chief of Yemassee Fire Department. It's pretty much one of his life goals and I'm so proud! I know he's going to do amazing things for the department now that he has this control over it. He's capable of so many things and I know he's only going to give his best to the YFD! 

Anyways, I'm studying for 2 big tests today! ServeSafe Alcohol and ServeSafe Foods. 
Wish me luck! 

Spring Break is next week and I can smell the salt water calling my name! 



  1. CONGRATULATIONS to your boyfriend! What an exciting moment! Your trip looks quite exciting too..totally jealous! And you get to go to the ocean...okay I officially will be living vicariously through your blog the next few weeks haha!!


  2. i feel like a slacker too! hoping you get back at it (when you can) and i look forward to your posts! i love the photos-would love to use one on F & F:) if you don't mind! they are stunning! looked like so much fun! congrats to the hubs! way to go, what a smile it must have brought to ur faces:) xo-

  3. Oh my gosh, congratulations to Justin!! That is absolutely amazing!!!!! : )

    Miss you always, dear friend! Love the pictures of your trip and that you rocked the cowboy boots. Haha!

  4. Love the photos and I TOTALLY can sympathize with feeling like an old lady instead of a 20-something, NO FUN! Glad you got to get out!

    Congrats to your chief boyfriend!

  5. Girl I've missed you in the blogosphere! I'm so happy to see you had such a great time with your fam!! Hope all is well with you and big CONGRATS to your man, what an accomplishment. xoxo

  6. Love your pics as usual you talented lady!

  7. I love the mountains! It looks like your family does the same thing mine does, go to little towns with General Stores!
    I loveeee the post card you got me :D It will be hung on my London Wall once I get it started!

    Loveee you Ammmy ♥


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