Sunday, January 2, 2011

While the boy is away, the girls will play!

Or, just go to the movies! Not really too much playing.
Tonight, Carly and I will go see the Oscar buzzed about movie, THE BLACK SWAN!
I've been dying to see this movie. I read movie reviews all day today at work getting myself excited for it! The costumes look incredible and I love Natalie Portman!

I've kind of been putting off this post, because, well, it's the first post of the year for me! Blogging has sort of grown into this thing that I truly look forward to and I love giving you something to read that's worth your while, but I haven't really had much to talk about nor have I had many pictures to share.

Over the weekend, I rang in the New Year with some of the people I love most, including Justin dearest and his family. We had such a great time cooking and hanging out with all of his sweet family. 
Also, I started the new year off with a new "do". I've been faced with so many tragic hair moments in my life. I've been almost every shade in between blonde and black as far as hair color goes. And cuts! Oh my don't even get me started. 
I was so tired of my shoulder length redish hair and it was driving me nuts! So I chopped it off, all of it! And I tried to get the hairdresser to color it back to my natural color. For some reason, all hair dressers feel that I look best with DARK hair, but I just wish it wasn't soooo dark but I know with time, it will fade some and get better. Trust me, my hair hardly holds color for more than a week. 
So here you go loves, me, my new hair color, my puppies, and my love!

NYE nails ;) topped with a glitter coat

Silly boy!

We got bored waiting on pizza last night, so what a better way to waste boredom than to take fun pictures together!

Anyways, thank you all for your love & support about my website. I know it's a huge step, but the site makes things so much easier (the proofing section is a life saver!). And I live in a very small town, so business isn't exactly booming! So, it's not too crazy of a move for me. 

Hope y'all had a super New Years! And lots of love and hope for 2011 for each and every one of you! 
X's & O's!


  1. The new color is GORGEOUS- I love it!

  2. That pink is gorgeous and love love love the new hair colour :) Natalie Portman is amazing!x

  3. I love that color!

    And I absolutely loved that movie!!

  4. I did my nails exactly that same color pink, with a coat of glitter on top.

    STOP TRYING TO BE ME!! Haha. : )

    Can't wait to know how black swan was...I'm dying to go and see it!

  5. i totally want to see that movie too.

  6. Love your nails AND your hair!!

    I can't wait to see Black Swan...that and Blue Valentine. They're next on my list. :)

    Happy New Year!

  7. Just found your blog! I'm a new follower!

    I loved the London tagged posts. I just got back from London!

  8. Oh cute photos! Happy New Year too you. Black Swan hasn't come out in Aus yet but I am definitely going to see it when it comes out.

  9. your hair looks good!
    this is my first visit here though, so i don't know what it was before, haha.
    happy new year to you! i'm off to snoop at your photos, i can never get enough photography.

  10. oh i must hear how you feel about the movie. i just saw it last night! i loved it. i'm a bit (read:completely, utterly, hopelessly) obsessed with natalie. she does not disappoint. she is destined for oscar gold, i tell you!

    :) happy tuesday!

  11. Amy your hair looks amazing! I have to see you in person asap girl!
    I miss you! And I hope you had a fabulous New Year!

  12. hello lovely lady :) how did you like this movie? I really want to see it!!

    i am sorry for my recent disappearing's been madness since the new year. i miss you dearly and...i must see this stationary you speak of :)

    lady those locks are striking on you. the dark hair is beautiful and the cut is perfect. you rock much :) what else have you been up to?!? shoot me an email so we can catch up!


  13. that color really makes your blue eyes POP!


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