Sunday, December 26, 2010

Recap: Christmas

Christmas Eve: Justin and I party hopped once again. We started off by opening some gifts at Justin's Grandparent's house. His sweet grandparents gave me this great fuchsia cardigan. It's so soft and I love it. I wore it all day today. It's so versatile that I wore it to church, in the snow, and then to Christmas dinner tonight. Later that night, we went to one of Justin's cousin's house for a party and then my friend Suryia's families Christmas Eve party. After that, he and I came back to my parent's house where I drank Prosseco with my Momma and Andrea and I iced some sugar cookies, one of our traditions. 
Christmas Morning: Andrea and I woke up and unwrapped all of our gifts under the tree. I must have been a very good girl this year because I sure did luck up! Early, I was gifted Photoshop. Along with that, I received a great flash for my camera, a tripod, a great photography book, a beautiful black coat, and a few other things. Those are just what really excited me! I was so excited that I had to try out my new goodies, that very moment! So here's the end result. Yes, a very Merry Pajamas Christmas morning, complete with glasses and bedhead! 
Check out Andrea's face! Hah!
Our Christmas celebration went a little bit like this for the remainder of the day: 
Bubbly &
Prime Rib!

Absolutely loving this book!

Who doesn't love a good scratch off?

Remember the perfume post? I decided to ask for Kate Spade's "Twirl" and I love love love the way it smells! It's so sweet and girly. 
After a delicious dinner, and a long nap, Andrea and I went to see the lights at the nature trail in town. We had such a great time and the weather was very chilly with rumors of snow in the morning.

The Day After Christmas: Surely enough, I woke up to a chilly rain outside. We went to church and came home to flurries outside our window and not the kind of Flurry you find at McDonalds. Oh my goodness, snow is not a normal thing around here, especially during the holidays! So it may not look like much snow to you, but it was so exciting for us! 
Obviously we're a little not used to the snow clothes!
Lots of hot chocolate.


Mini Snowman

So it's official! We had snow twice in the year 2010! (Once in February as well.) So not normal for us here! 
Later on this evening, we had another Christmas dinner at my Grandmother on my Dad's side of the family. While we were there, I found out that my Grandpa's goat's are having babies very very soon! I can't wait! Dinner was great but I know one thing, I've never felt like I've eaten as much as I have in this past weekend! So Andrea and I came home and played Just Dance 2 for over 2 hours! I'm exhausted! 

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Can't wait to read all about each and every one of y'all Christmas stories! 
X's & O's! 


  1. Oh my gosh. Such cute pictures! Love the snow ones especially!

    Merry Christmas! (I can say that until January, right?) :-)

  2. Hello pretty!
    what cute Xmas pics!
    ...and you look adorable!

  3. I always love the pictures you post on your blog! i don't know what it is, but they are special!
    oh, and i think red suits you really well, that's always a plus :)! You posted some great pictures of yourself!
    I also want to thank you for commenting on my blog! I appreciate your words, they mean a lot to me!
    Take care and keep enjoying the snow :)!

  4. yay! looks like you had a fabulous Christmas indeed--with all the party hopping, the gifts, and the bubbly! so jealous of your camera goodies...I finally got a DSLR on Saturday and am bursting at the seams to use it....

    I do have to tell you that I think you need to order up some warmer weather for later in the week when we make it down there...{so excited that you live in one of the places I love!} I'm happy you got some flurries, but I want the warmth of SC ;)

    Have a great Monday! xoxo {av}

  5. Looks like fun- those pictures taken in the snow are fantastic! Makes me sooo jealous!

  6. oh my goodness. that prime rib. that crust! so delicious!! all your pictures are to DIE for, and your weekend sounds truly magical. i love that you got a flash for your camera, a tripod and a photography book! that's truly taking it to the next level, my friend:)

    and um, of COURSE my blog title is a miranda reference. i'm a true ran fan! making plans is one of my favorites off her new CD:) happy monday to you, friend:)

  7. i don't always say "friend" that much as i did in the above comment, but i do consider you one, so that's ok:)

  8. Oh my goodness, when I saw this post I got so excited!! I couldn't wait to read about your Christmas!! I am SUPER jealous about all of your camera stuff...I really want to get into photography, but I just haven't yet. Next, I love all of the pictures!! Especially the pajama ones!! You are SO cute!! We always do Christmas morning in pj's. Andddddd, we always always always get scratch offs in our stockings!! Did you win anything?? I won a free ticket and Justin won $5! Hooray! We are rich!! I think we are the only state that didn't get a white fair!! But I love the mini snowman...we always have to make those because our snow rarely sticks and isn't enough to make anything else. I'm SOOOO glad you had a good Christmas!! Talk to you soon!!

  9. oh my goodness! It seems you had a fantastic Christmas! :) I love everything you got especially the Photoshop! I can't wait to buy mine someday and learn how to do it. Great pictures too! I love the one trying to catch snowflakes on your tongue :)

  10. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! You look adorable in the snow. We didn't get snow here in California- that's for sure! So I'm jealous of your white Christmas! Also jealous that you got photoshop (: I love photography!

  11. Great pictures. It looks like you and your family where having so much fun. :-)

  12. What great pictures and a cute blog! Looks like you had a lovely Christmas, and I am simply loving your blog header with the Diet Coke ornament...I am a Diet Coke addict...hehe...and my sister actually got me a Diet Coke ornament for Christmas! :)

    Liesl :)

  13. OMG. is that {FRIED} prime rib??
    that looks so yummy.
    and i love that there was snow the day after christmas!
    your family looks like so so much fun.

  14. Those snow pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I love that they look like giant white circles falling out of the sky. And yay for you getting Photoshop! Such an amazing gift. I can only dream of the day when I will save up enough for that AND a camera. Love love. I can't wait to see all of the wonderful pictures you create :)

  15. wow....i would have loved the snow:) we haven't seen in years! thanks for sharing! i keep telling people to shoot me some snowballs! photography is amazing--->you did good, lucky girl! i would have loved to get a new camera...i need to get my photoshop back! been slagging way too much! have a lovely week doll!

  16. Such pretty pictures! I am sooo jealous that you had a white Christmas. And your Diet Coke header is just too cute!

  17. Great photos. I feel like I was there :)

  18. Your Christmas photos are adorable. Looks like you had a blast. Oh, and I absolutely love your diet coke banner.

    Have a great week, hugs

  19. Ooh, I absolutely love your photos! I so wish that we had snow here in sunny California... sadly, the most we got was a bucketful of rain! Glad you enjoyed your Christmas! ♥

  20. looks like you had a lovely christmas! the snow pictures are so lovely!! ♥

  21. Bubbly & Prime Rib? Sounds like my kind of night!

    I love love love all your snow pictures! I was very happy to wake up to a white Christmas this year...but I didn't get any fun pics like your! Boooo! :(

    So happy you had such a wonderful holiday little lady! :D

  22. I LOVE that little snow man and the snow pics!

  23. Aw, the snowman is sooo cute!
    I love all your pictures, wish I was there playing in the snow with you.. instead of being SICK!
    Miss you sweetie!

  24. looks like you had a great christmas! hope the new year is good to you too! xoxo


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