Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas, Christmas time is here

Boy, it's been some time since I've been in such a cheery Christmas spirit! 
Tomorrow, my sister and I both have the day off, so what better way to celebrate other than baking cookies together! Pictures shall follow, I hope! Along with some pinecone painting, and other things of that nature. Last week, I made my first print delivery for some family pictures I did a while ago. It was such a great feeling knowing that I was about to give a family something so dear to me, a ton of pictures that I put my heart into. So I figured, what better way to celebrate than to wrap up the pictures and present them almost as a gift if you will. 

Weird, I felt so established. Like here I am. It was such a wonderful feeling. And it was so fun seeing tissue paper thrown out across the floor as they were unwrapping their pictures! 
It's been quite the busy time of the year for me and I've missed writing each and every one of you! Hopefully this week, I'll be able to reach out a little more. Thank you all for following me! I broke 60 followers! 
So thank you so much! I might get a little generous here soon and maybe do a Christmas giveaway or something. Thoughts?

On Saturday, I worked a gorgeous, and not to mention, freezing, wedding at Cyprus Bay Plantation. I wish I had more time to take pictures of all that went on. It was a slightly rainy day with lots of Christmas cheer. The party started in the family's beautiful home where they were walked in by a gospel choir and into the warm house where they were served apple cider until it was time to go to the Chapel in the Woods where they waited for the ceremony. The bride came in on a horse drawn carriage. Not to mention, she was wearing a great pair of boots. After walking down the isle carrying a bouquet made of black magic roses, the ceremony began. The rings were brought in by their black lab named Guess. The reception was made of lots of fun elements, including a homemade desert cookie bar and a great firework display and an 8 piece swing band. Yup, I kind of loved it, except for the cold. Here are a few pictures. 

And some from the actual wedding photographer, just so you get to see all of this wonderfulness!

Friends, enjoy! 
I'm working diligently to respond to you all! 
Love, peace, &  chicken grease ;)


  1. First of all congratulations for breaking 60! I know how exciting it is when you see that one more person is following! even more exciting when you have comments, am I right? I LOVE the brown bags with the cute red paper and tags so adorable! Have a great week!

  2. Gorgeous pictures!! the last wedding picture i like..

  3. Beautiful photos. I love how you packaged the photos for that family!

  4. Have fun making cookies! I love that bride's dress. Looked like such a nice wedding. Congrats on both 60 and your photography :)

  5. Such cute pictures! Love that cake :) I'm glad to be following you!


  6. Days with sisters are the best <3 I have six sisters and enjoy any little moment I can spend with them. From coloring with the little girls to shopping or cooking with the olders ones. There's no bond greater than that of sisters, I am entirely convinced!


  7. good luck with the baking tomorrow--love love love the photos from this weekend :) thanks for following me! xoxo {av}

  8. Woohoo - breaking 60! I can only dream of getting to that number someday. :)

    And what a beautiful presentation you did for your prints. Lovely.

  9. These are lovely photos and that is so nice of you to present them that way! so professional :)x

  10. yay for 65 followers!! and that cake looks awesome and so does her dress!

  11. I just stumbled onto your blog and I just love it!! Your picture gift was adorable and such a great way to give them!! I was reading further back and I just wanted to say that my husband is Justin and he's a fireman, too!! Guess we have a lot in common!! : ) Can't wait to read more!!

  12. Congrats on the 60 but girl, you have 66 now! Your catching up to me!

    Ps. You know what I love about the bride, if you answered her cowboy boots, then you were right!
    Heh, Miss you so so so much!

  13. that wedding is so pretty! i love the brides dress and cowboy boots! and giveaway?? Yes please!!!

  14. look at those beautiful wedding pictures! and yay for jumping up in the followers! you totally deserve it-your blog ROCKS! p.s. that cake looks almost too pretty to eat:)


    Hope you and your sissy had fun and I also hope you are having a great day my lovely little bloggin' bud :)

  16. What a beautiful setting for a beautiful wedding. That cake looks yummy, too!


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