Saturday, July 23, 2011

Anchors Away!

"Amidst the confusion of the times, the conflicts of conscience, and the turmoil of daily living, an abiding faith becomes an anchor to our lives."
-Thomas S. Monson

I'm not trying to say that my life is some sort of "turmoil" but it is always really really busy...and hard. But I'd like to say that faith keeps me anchored down; as well as a lot of other things...but faith keeps me moving.

I think anchors in general are a really good way to think of my life. There is nothing wrong with being anchored down. But I swear some days that whenever I wake up, I'm just going to run away. Leave work, school, everything behind and just go find an abandoned lighthouse and live there forever and find a way to survive. No more dealing with financials or anybody else in this world. Just to be free with no worries about decision making or anything.

But, I'm anchored down. Thankfully at that.

My best friend and I both have this love for anchors.
And so, on our bucket list there is a line that says "tattoos" with a little anchor drawn next to it.

Yes my friends, (sorry Mema!)(
I discuss it with practically everyone that is important to me. Like Justin.

He feels that by me getting an anchor, that it means he anchors me down. And I think he feels that in a bad way. But I wouldn't want anyone else to "anchor me down" and besides, I'm anchored in general. Hell, he should be happy he gets to be that guy! But I think he sees it as a bad thing. Like he's doing something wrong to me. Granted, Justin is completely jealous that I get tattoos while his mom and dad doesn't approve of them at all...but then again, I had tattoos before I started dating him, and I'll keep having tattoos. He'll love it once it's done, just like all the others.

Anyways, you don't think I'd write this post about tattoos and one of my most favorite symbols without posting photos, do you?!

Placement is key. I have one tattoo on my left hip. More on the side instead of the backside like shown here...but I'm thinking that this next one will go in the same spot as this, except on the right.

Now, I wouldn't do this, but I just think the photo and the symbolism is really sweet.


How cute is this?!

This quote is quite awesome.
All images via pinterest 

I don't see a problem with being anchored. I'm a very grounded, level headed person. Always have been. I mean, those that have been following me, you do know that by now. I know I may want to just hit the ground running sometimes, but that's just not a smart decision. "Stay in school, don't do drugs, be very cautious of everything, don't eat french fries, oh and don't forget you own a business." I get it. Like I've always said, I'm the oldest 20 year old you'll ever meet.

See, anchors are totally fun and worthy of my body being branded by one.

Besides, I've always thought of myself as a swashbuckling pirate ;)

Shiver me timbers, argh!

***Update! As I'm sitting here at work crying over having to eat these nasty Smart Ones for Weight Watchers...I have to sit back and smile because I've lost 12 pounds and I'm about to hit week 4! Not too shabby, ehh?! But I do miss french fries and real cookies...not the prepackaged junk. Wah.***

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  1. Girl, I have been tempted to get a tattoo for SO long. About 6 years to be exact. I have been going back and forth between two things that are special to me. Question for ya - and be honest! Does it hurt really bad? I want one on the inside of my foot over the arch. I need one that I would be able to hide but still love and the foot is my ideal placement!

    I think the anchor shows beautiful symbolism - and will make an amazing tattoo :)


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