Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This is where I've been hiding . . .

Somewhere down a long, dark hole of photos to be sorted & edited, shoots, weddings, finals, work, work, projects, oh & work.

Over the weekend, I photographed what turned out to be one of my new most favorite things ever!
Yes, a wedding!
So many beautiful details & oh-so-much fun!
I got to shoot it with one of my bests, KB.
The bride is a friend from highschool, but I didn't think for a second to treat the wedding as anything other than another very important job.
I'm dying to break into the images and sort & edit & play, but FINALS is stopping me :(
Okay, I lie.
You really think I'd write a post about this wedding and not share any images?!
Come on!

Here are a few.
They're a little awkward in size because I was getting ready to put them in my portfolio for my meeting tomorrow! Whoot whoot! And that would also explain the lack of the beautiful details and all of the fun shots of the groomsmen thanks to KB!

Hope y'all enjoy!

Okay folks, that's all ;)

♥, peace, & chicken grease!


  1. Beautiful, Amy!! Glad that you are doing so amazing! I love the ones on the railroad tracks!

  2. i've been in the wedding mood recently...these pictures are amazing! good job :)


    follow me, please?

  3. umm looooove your colors!!

  4. I can't wait to see the rest!!!
    The one of them on the tracks is gorgeous Amy!!!

  5. Romance, the pictures are amazing! But why would I expect anything less? :)

    And as far as you being uber busy...remember, its better to busy busy than bored!

    Love love love you!!!!!

  6. lovng the pictures!! :) hopefully the wedding went perfectly as planned :)


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