Sunday, March 20, 2011

Amy Lately.

You know, like Chelsea Lately?!

Well, minus a few punch lines and such, I'm feeling pretty spiffy! 

This weekend was full of work, work, work! But today, Justin and I did play some :) 

Friday & Saturday, I worked for Ashley Rhodes Events. We had a wedding on Spring Island. The bride is a captain of a tall ship (think pirates, yes, they're real. I met some!) and the groom is a botanist (studies flowers). They both enjoy birding and all things bugs and nature! So of course, their wedding reflected it! The tent was draped in magnolia branches (the brides favorite) and they dined on local southern flavors such as shrimp and grits. The party continued on with pirate songs and owl calls! Yes, the ship crew all sang on stage and the birders tried to do their best "whoots"! It was definitely a new experience! 

Today, I had my heart set on going out in the river. But, the weather had other plans for us. It was cold and windy and very cloudy! But I wasn't taking no for an answer! So we drove out to his grandparent's dock and Justin started acting funny! He took the kayak off of the dock and jumped in the river with it. He accidentally floated away without the paddle and so I threw it at him and he didn't catch it! So he had to jump out of the kayak to catch the paddle! It was hilarious! Poor boy froze though :) 

He definitely made me laugh so much harder than I've done in a while!

After our afternoon out in the river, I had to shoot a dear friend's bridal portraits! She was absolutely stunning! And I can't wait until her wedding so I can show off these beautiful photos! I did take some shots of her bouquet and ring...but I don't know if those should be posted or not?!

I may later this week so keep your eyes open!

Love y'all!


  1. I prefer you over Chelsea lately ANY DAY!!

  2. I loved the picture you sent me of Justin! love & miss you

  3. I'm with are much more wonderful than Chelsea Lately could ever be. :)

    I LOVE the new blog look, girl!!

  4. I love the reference to Chelsey Lately... actually I do like her :)

    Have a good week
    ♥ Erin

  5. hey lovely! so happy to catch up on your fabulous blog! your business is doing awesome, it sounds like and i love this new layout:)

    p.s. i adore chelsea!


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