Monday, January 31, 2011

Sometimes it's a simple as...

... a beautiful sunrise.
Yesterday, I had to work the "Behind the Veil" Wedding show in Savannah for Ashley Rhodes Events. It was such a fun show! But pictures, and stories to come much later! 
What I'm focusing on today is what I had to drive through to get there. 
Set up was at 8 am, that means I had to meet Ashley in Beaufort at 7, which put me leaving my house at 6, waking up at 5:30. Granted, I was exhausted, but I had the most beautiful sight on my drive through. 

A sunrise over the Broad River. Oh how my heart was crying for me to jump out of the car and take pictures, but I felt as if I was on a time crunch. Luckily (well in my case,) Ashley was running very late. I drove to the nearest water way area (which happened to be Dockside, this lovely restaurant on the river where boats dock). And I photographed my little heart out. 

So is it just me? Or is that totally worth waking up super early for? It's so different than a sunset and I didn't expect it to be nearly as vibrant or as beautiful. I just guess I don't ever think of waking up to cotton candy skies. 
As I was driving through, I text Justin (oops! no, not texting and driving. I was at a stop light) saying "I swear the sunrise is so much better than a sunset". "Agreed" he replied. I guess when he has to go to work at the wee hours of the morning he gets to experience the same thing. 

It almost makes me want to be like a "sunrise chaser". You know like tornado chasers...well same concept but with a camera and just sunrises in different locations. Okay, maybe not a great profession, but I'll try to do it whenever the opportunity arises.

Well that's that. 
Please don't forget the giveaway.

Today is your last  chance! So go  here and I will announce the winner tomorrow when I crawl (unwillingly) out of bed! Any comments time stamped after 12:00 am will not be considered.

Back to school work I go (unwillingly as well).
By loves! 


  1. BEAUTIFUL photos! My husband was peering over my shoulder and was like "where is that!?"

    we are obviously future home state shopping...


  2. Absolutely gorgeous pictures!! I think you should totally be a "sunrise chaser!" I could never do it. I get along too well with waking up at noon. Haha!!

  3. If I could move to the low-country, I would move there tomorrow. I adore these photos...and I agree with you on the sunrises. It's like a special reward that no many people are lucky enough to see :) hope you've had a great Monday! xoxo {av}

  4. Amy these are sooo gorgeous! I am very jealous! When I used to go to Yard Sales, I would always see gorgeous sunrises, but I had noooo camera- which sucked! But this time, there will be a camera in my car!

  5. you are adorable, first of all, and i LOVE your pictures. what an awesome, God-given gift you've got, girl:) (p.s. there were a BUNCH of "g" words in that sentence:)

  6. thank you for letting me know!! its all fixed! happy monday!!

  7. These pictures are gorgeous Amy! There is just something beautiful and romantic about old boats :)

  8. so beautiful! Im such a sucker for a beautiful sunrise or sunset. I love how they are all so different and gorgeous, have a great week girl :)

  9. WOW! So pretty :D can't wait to see pictures from the event!

  10. Stunning photos!!!It was totally worth it...your pictures are amazing!!!Tha sky is sooo beautiful...and the water too!!!I am in loove with them..well done!!!!

  11. oh wow! what a beautiful sunrise!! I looove watching the sun rise so much!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! For my blog template I just use the "simple template" and then I tweaked it to my liking.

    Thanks for reading my blog! you're such an encouraging follower! ♥

  12. Gorgeous pictures- I love cotton candy skies:-) I am excited to see pics and hear stories fro the event! Get some rest:-)

  13. Oh my... gorgeous! Seriously! Beautiful pictures!! You live in a beautiful area..lucky!
    Just found your blog and I love it!! :)


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