Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday already?

Seems like the one week when I really wanted it to take its time, it's flying by! Thank you all for your overwhelming responses on my last post! 
Yesterday, I engulfed myself in school work and editing some more photos for a family. This time right now is just so overwhelming! Today I also started training for a new job. It's at this beautiful plantation called Brays Island. 

Isn't it gorgeous? Most of it is made up of dirt roads, oak trees, ponds, hunting and equestrian centers. I'm so excited about working there and being apart of such a beautiful place. 
More on that later :)

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week. Sorry I've been so slack! But back to the books I go! But first, another girl from the SRM Makeup shoot. 

Ta-ta for now!


  1. so pretty!! and i can't believe you get to work at a lovely place like that :) i can't wait to hear about what you will be doing there!

    i second what nicole said...your photography is really lovely!

  2. Love your headband...I so wish I could pull those off!

  3. Completely gorgeous! and you are darling..
    fun to find your blog. added it to my daily reads! ;-)
    Come check out my GIVEAWAY! xxxx Emily

  4. Love those photos of you in the grass. That one where you're lying down looks like its out of a Free People catalog.

  5. Look at these pictures... you're gorgeous girl!

  6. These photos are beautiful. You are an amzing photographer ...

  7. So cute! Esp love the one with the car:-)

  8. Hello, honey!
    wow, you look gorgeous in these pics!
    and I like so much your red cardi!

  9. Beautiful photoshoot, and what a cool place to work. I hope you share some photos of your new 'office'!


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