Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Missing England, Ireland, & Wales

In 2008 (if I recall correctly), I traveled to England, Ireland, and Wales with EF tours.  It was love at first sight. We were together for 9 days and it was a very quick split. I was completely in love and our break up was extremely hard. I tried to remove the memory from my life, but I just can't forget it. Oh England&Ireland&Wales, please come back to my life!

A few of our pub friends!
Kissing the Blarney Stone! 
Nigel! One of our favorite pub boys!
Briana & Chance
Liam! Another pub friend!

I can't seem to find any of my London pictures (gasp!) but I'm sure they're somewhere! 

Maybe since I posted these pictures, England, Ireland, & Wales will take me back. We're just meant to be together! 


  1. Oh how lovely...I want to go there.

  2. this is a super cute post :) i really want to kiss the blarney stone! my whole family went a few years ago...except me. i can't wait to see things like this in real life!

    amazing photos.

  3. Gorgeous! I would go there in a second! I have only been to England out of all of those places, and you have just reminded me of how much I love to travel! :)

    SO I have heard of the blarney stone, but I want to know more! off to google now! :)


  4. i knew that was blarney castle! i was there in april 2009 and kissed the stone!


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